image-1“Oh Tonie, I could cry looking at my gallery. I just wanted to thank you for something besides the gorgeous photos and all your hard work. I so appreciate your heart behind Bella and how you can capture each individual woman’s essence and personality with integrity and grace. I believe each and every one of our husbands will also be blessed by these gifts of ourselves to them and only them. In a world where there is so much trash in magazines and movies, we can give our men something to look at without shame. Something that also says to them, “I am at my most vulnerable state and I trust you with all that I am.” We really do get to entrust ourselves, including mind, body, and spirit to these men. Sorry to get so sappy and emotional, just thought I would post while I was in the moment  xo”

So…in a world full of Victoria Secret Ad’s getting mailed to our homes… (Check out Meg Borders response to JUST THAT on her Instagram) and TV stations like “Showtime” and paid for networks that allow nearly anything to be aired…I felt a tug at my heart. What do we WANT our husbands looking at? For me and my husband, that answer is simple!  ME! I don’t know if I can fully write out my heart behind “Bella by Tonie” in a blog post, but really it is summed up in the verse I run my business by “I am my beloved’s and he is mine.” Song of Solomon 6:3. Now, if you are looking for a good read, READ THAT BOOK OF THE BIBLE! 🙂 I so believe that I am my husbands and he is mine.

The above review was one that a client posted in my PRIVATE Bella By Tonie Group. (If you are interested in joining then shoot me an email) I take utmost care to keep any images private and for the viewing of my clients and their husbands and posting only tasteful images that are not revealing anything that might be considered negative.  Marketing something like this is not a huge priority. I feel like ladies who value this type of photography will seek me out and find the “underground community” that Bella by Tonie is! Hope you will check it out, if you can figure out how! 😉  I hope that you have learned a little about my heart and what is behind Bella by Tonie.


Tonie Christine


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