So, these days with shoots picking up left and right, as well as wedding season creeping up faster and faster I have been looking into the concept of a “Capsule Wardrobe”… which really I have NO knowledge about at all… Have you done one? Did you like it, hate it or think I would be crazy to try it? I’d love your thoughts! More on that thought process later… but, to keep things simple in this phase of life, I find it easy to simplify in my color scheme at least! If you see me out and about and I am wearing any real patters (other than camo) or bright colors, then you know I put in a ton of extra effort into my outfit haha! I tend to lean fully into what I know, and that is black and white….. all day er’ day… on repeat. It’s simple, I feel good it in and I can mix and match to my hearts content! I do indeed have a couple different leather jackets to choose from, but THIS ONE is a great choice because it’s “Vegan Leather” (just the upscale verbiage for “faux leather” haha!) and its a great price point for how the leather doesn’t look or feel like plastic! I always joke that my Jacket from All Saints, that E bought me for Christmas our first year married, would be the one item I would grab in my house in case of a fire! So, I am an advocate for investing in a timeless leather jacket and I get great use out of mine because I do indeed have a motorcycle and I need real leather for that…right?! Anyway, grab your favorite black or dark wash skinny jeans LIKE THESE, a favorite bootie(Mine pictured here are currently 50% off HERE!!!) , and a white tee. If you haven’t added a leather jacket, do that and then tag me on Instagram! I want to see the outfit you put together! So here is my look from today as I worked at my “mobile office” 5 Stones Coffee Co. As usual, you can shop the post links too!



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