"Tonie’s Blaze workshop was unlike other workshops because it was REAL. She didn’t just go over the vague overview of being in the business, she really got into the details of what it takes to give a client the BEST experience, and how to get more inquiries in your inbox with marketing and social media. Tonie is honest, open, and it would benefit any photographer, at any point in their career to listen to her insight and wisdom." 

- Jaimie

"Waking up this morning felt like the first day of school all over again! I was so excited to learn more about myself, learn how to grow my business, and (most importantly) take a minute out of my mom-wife-business-owner-life and focus on ME. Tonie is WONDERFUL. She’s expressive, organized, and clearly gave us all 100% of herself today. This is one of the best investments I have made in myself and my business ALL YEAR."

- Eva Rieb

"From start to finish this workshop was so well thought out! Walking in smelled just like walking into I knew we were off to a good start! The day flowed so well and was packed with so much material! The styled shoot was so well put together, it really gave us so much to shoot. Five cakes...are you kidding me--and not to mention so much yumminess! Tonie is just so full of life and such a little ball of fun! Today was amazing--such an amazing experience."


"I was so excited to be able to pick Tonie’s brain. Her style is very similar to my own and I have idolized her on my road to growing my business. Tonie is so adorable and you can really tell how much she cares. Despite the fact that I was on dayquil and still miserable with a cold, I would not, could not let myself miss this wonderful opportunity. My only critique for her is that she should put more bullets on her slides. I think it’ll help her spiderweb less and it’ll help people to digest the information better if there is a visual as well as the verbal."

"If you have ever thought about attending a workshop, I would SERIOUSLY recommend Tonie. Online or in person, you are getting a heartfelt and in depth business intensive. From the first steps in the door to the beautiful styled shoot from Bixby + Pine, this has been an amazing experience. Thank you Tonie for all your hard work and thought that went into every detail."

- Jackie Pearman

"Tonie!! Girl, this really was worth every penny and I’m so grateful. I am SO glad I made the decision to do this because I am walking away with a ton of tools I can use to take my business to a higher level. Thank you!" 

- Liz Zuluaga

"Tonie - Thank you for being so real and authentic. Blaze with Tonie Christine is the first photography workshop I have ever attended, and it has completely exceeded my expectations. Thank you for sharing your experiences, valuable information and your heart. This will truly help me in moving my business from part time to full time. Thank you!" 

- Jessica Heriot

"Thank you for the warm invitation to come into your home, into your business and into your heart. My flight across country was well worth the investment and I have already gained invaluable insight into concrete methods and ideas to take my business to the next level. Today was the perfect mix of theory, hands on creative opportunities and insightful conversations with a dozen aspiring and inspired creatives. Your leadership and warm hearted conversation provided solid, tactical tips and business practices. Thank you!"

- Julie Lundquist

"Oh my goodness, I am so happy I decided to attend this workshop. I feel this has opened my eyes to what my business can grow to be one day, that is so important for me at this time in my life. I have gained a better understanding of how important organization and workflow is as well as social media and marketing. Tonie, you are so amazing and so inspiring! I hope that one day I can run my business as effectively as you and find my own unique way to make each client’s experience individual to them. Thank you SO SO much!!"

"TONIE…. You seriously rocked this workshop and I mean blew it out of the water. Any photographer that is in the beginning stages of growing their business should attend this workshop. Not only do you connect with other great photographers, but you learn PRACTICAL steps to legitimize your business, get more inquiries, grow a social media following and care about your clients."

"I have been to one other photography workshop and it was great, but this is EXACTLY what I need for right now in my business. I may not be able to drop a lot of money on things right now, but i for sure have a fire under my butt to get things growing and moving. I have a passion for what I do, and now I have more practical steps of tings I can do right now! There is no turning back!Thank you Tonie are are absolutley incredibly amazing!!"

-Emily Traynor






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