Of friends! I HAVE SO MUCH TO TELL YOU about my experience with a “Lash Lift” from Shanti at Shanti’s Studio of Esthetics!  First of all, you should know I have always wanted eye lash extensions, but after hearing from a few people that over time, they actually tear down your eye lashes and really take a toll on them, I decided it wasn’t something I wanted to do. I will say, I plan to try them at some point for a special occasion or maybe a vacation where I don’t want to do make up, but for an on-going time saver, they were not an option for me as I want to keep my natural lashes healthy and strong!

Also, if you plan to give this a try, PLEASE go to someone you have heard does a good job as this IS your eyes/eyelashes we are talking about here! Shanti made the WHOLE experience so relaxing and she is not only professional but is one of the most kind and sweet people I have ever met! I absolutely LOVE working with her.

You can see in the above before an after photos, where I am wearing NO eye make up AT ALL, how dramatic of a change there is with just my own natural lashes! It literally makes my eyes look LIFTED and more open! WIN!

The process was super relaxing and Shanti walked me through the three main steps which each rest only our eyes for about 10 min. Essentially, your natural lashes are getting a PERM!  It felt like a fun little spa trip for me! Here’s a funny photo of the middle of the process! I literally could have fallen asleep if Shanti wasn’t such a pleasure to chat with.


Lastly, I wanted to show a before and after with just a TOUCH of mascara on. This is much less mascara than I would usually apply and I am LOVING look! If you have any questions, let me know below! PS in case it wasn’t clear… these are NOT extensions… these are MY natural eye lashes with not additives!

Shanti books out about a week, so contact her ASAP to get on her calendar! You won’t be disappointed! PS she also does my brows so take note of how much better they look too!! HAHA! Yes, get in contact with her! Shanti’s Studio! 

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