Well here she is folks! She is 7 months old and I still can’t believe I am a mom… So much so that a few days ago when a stranger I was being introduced to asked “Oh so you must have kids then…?” I quickly replied with “Oh no, I don’t have any kids…. wait, I mean… yes, yes I do have a kid!” Needless to say I can’t fully type out an awkward enough description of her facial expression other than to say she literally looked VERY confused on how I could mess that question up! But heres the thing friends, I just don’t see myself as a “MOM”- or rather “the mom I thought I had to be” — and I actually call that a victory! — Not because I don’t have the mom hair or spit up all down my clothes that now smell like baby wipes because I have frantically tried to wipe it all off… because I DO!!– But I don’t see myself as a “MOM” because I am instead just a mommy to Hasty Rae… you see, I thought being a MOM would have to change me.. like force me to be a new person that I didn’t want to be; that I would have to give up my business or my desire to still have a cute “mommy efficient style” and silly things like that.. when in all reality… the switch has happened REALLY naturally!!! Like the spit up still bothers me, I’m terrible with my time managing more now that before I had her (see some behind the scenes of real life on my snap chat! -toniechristine-)  and I haven’t cut my hair yet (although as she pulls on it all the time and breaks CHUNKS of it off so a chop job is looking better EVERYDAY…) but I feel like she is just a little extension of me… my accessory… my BEST friend….and yes of course my greatest hardship and yet my BIGGEST accomplishment!  (lets be real, she IS STILL breathing and that’s an accomplishment in my book!) So folks, I love being a mom… some days I truly suck at it and other days I take pretty photos of her and it makes me feel like a success when she smiles up at me!

I must admit that when her 1/2 birthday present arrived in the mail in Hawaii from Barna&Co (an awesome small shop in Poulsbo, WA that ALSO sells ONLINE HERE!!!!) I was GIDDY with excitement! This Little Unicorn quilt has saved us many times acting as a playmat, a picnic blanket, a beach towel, and just something pretty to snuggle her in before her bedtime. So go check them out, because I indeed am an advocate for shopping small!!!


“Nope, I don’t have any kids… ” My big OOPS Moment // The Not-So-Mommy Blogs // Tonie Christine Photography Barna & Co Poulsbo, WA

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