“Tonie, your ‘running errands outfit is more dressed up than my everyday outfit when I TRY”…. said my adorable and super stylish sister! Here’s the truth folks! My life is slammed! Especially right now! Planning and prepping for 12 photographers from all over the place to come and learn from me this weekend, not to mention meeting with brides for 2018 and shooting engagement shoots…(OH! I almost forgot… my house and family! HAH!) So, for me, putting pieces into my closet that I FEEL cute in and that are super comfortable helps me get MORE done. So, cheers to an errands day and my sister thinking I “dress up” for errands ๐Ÿ˜‰

My advice for a more dressed up- errands outfit? Get a great pair of moto leggings, a longer blouse that isn’t cotton (because those tend to cling in all the wrong places when wearing leggings) and a great jacket that you love! Lastly, I throw on the hat because I am on day 6 of not washing my hair and I can touch up the bottom and make it look good! So there you have it, your own dressed up errands outfit! You can always shop my look right below too: (PS I picked up this specific Jacket in Paris, but I linked a couple adorable ones I LOVE!) I linked my EXACT top which is something EVERY gal needs in her closet as a staple AND the exact leggings and BOTH of these are on sale and under $30! So, grab one of the pieces that you love, and see what you can pull from your own wardrobe to put the rest together!

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