Ready to shop some of my first and TOP picks from The Nordstrom Anniversary PreSale!? It goes live to the public in a few days, but if you have a Nordstrom card you have first access to these AWESOME deals! I will of course share more later too!

I am SUPER excited about the Nordstrom Anniversary sale this year because I SAVED up for it and was really excited to pick out a few fun things for fall! I honestly believe the BEST way to shop this sale, is simply from your HOME. Order anything and everything you love in your standard size, have it shipped directly to you and then just do returns in store for free! It makes it WAY more relaxing and less of a mad house! I have linked my specific outfit here, as well as a couple other of my top fall picks and I am sure I will share a couple more later! Also, these shoes are called “slides” by the cool kids I guess, but they are Areosoles and I LOVE them! I also linked them as well as the ones from Nordstrom that are a bit cheaper! Super comfortable and on trend for fall! Let me know if you have any questions!

Shop this look right here! And below is how much Hasty totally DID NOT want to be in our little photo shoot! HAHA!

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