I always love a great top with some detail!!! This helps me throw something on and yet I still feel really cute! So for me, I tend to not pick up as many items that are all about a ton of layers (even though I do like a good layered outfit!) because it takes me too long to put that outfit together! BUT with a cute top with great details, I can throw any jacket on over it and when the jacket comes off I still feel a bit more dressed up than just a t-shirt or tank! So, I linked a couple really great tops that have a fun detail AND all of them are currently on sale!! Also, the booties are a MUST for a transition from winter to spring because they have a fun cut out! So, when looking for your next shoe, I recommend finding one that will transition well from one season to the next! 🙂 Also, I linked Hastings outfit as best I could! But those little pink flats?! To die for!!!! … and we totally LOVE the graphic tees and tops from Old Navy because they go on sale and they are so soft! Hope you enjoy~!

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