If you have not heard about Stitch Fix, it’s a SUPER FUN and really easy way to update your wardrobe with a little help from a personal stylist! You can read my last blog post that explains it a bit more.

I have ordered a total of 3 boxes in random months where I wanted a little “pick me up” to arrive at my door! I will be honest and just say that the second box I ordered was a *bit* of a let down, but alas, I did keep a crazy fun pair of silk pants that are a neat and crazy pattern, and a little black and white wrap that I wear around the house ๐Ÿ™‚ BUT, I wrote back in the comments about more of what I was looking for and I was more excited about this box so I am blogging what I got sent to me and what I kept!

This time around I asked for accessories and I am so glad I did!

What I got:

1 Jean Jacket
1 Black and white skirt
1 Polka dot top
1 Necklace
1 Clutch/side purse

At first glance out of the box, I was REALLY excited about the skirt (to wear when I shoot weddings) and the jean jacket was not something I thought I would keep… but it ended up being the EXACT opposite. The second I put on the jacket I loved it! It has a bit of stretch to it and I just loved the detail of the embroidery as it’s not something I have seen in just any jean jacket as well as the fit was great! (the part that REALLY sold me was the adorable inside pocket lining and I know.. I know.. you don’t even see that part! But I still am all about cute details!)


Next I put on that adorable striped skirt… when I put it on and looked up at E’s face I kinda giggled… he was clearly not a fan of it. I felt a bit frumpy in it and so I swapped out the shirt I originally had on to the blouse you see in these photos. That helped quite a bit, but I was still not sold on it and for that reason I am sending it back.. I think it just made me feel a bit “young”.


Here is the little Polka Dot shirt that I really didn’t like out of the box but when I put it on I actually LOVED the fit! I did not keep it as polka dots are not really my thing, but I was surprised just how much I liked it! It was a GREAT material and loved the buttons down the back.

TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingPhotographer.StitchFixReview2_0106TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingPhotographer.StitchFixReview2_0107Lastly, here are the accessories! I kept both! I LOVE the splash of ย color that the purse brings to ANY outfit and I have actually been looking for one that could easily convert and this chain comes right off and I can just throw this little clutch in a larger purse as a wallet! The necklace was also something I had been looking for. I love the chunky “cuff” look it has but it’s super comfortable and not to heavy so it is a great addition to my wardrobe! Hope this review was good and I totally encourage you to take the little leap and give Stitch Fix a try! I would LOVE to see the stuff you get in your box!