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//SPOILER ALERT// -Tonie Christine Client Gifts

Apr 10, 2014

Hey 2014 and 2015 Brides and future Bella by Tonie Clients… STOP READING! One of these is in the mail to you! 🙂 Hope you love it!  AND I am making an EXCLUSIVE offer and selling just 15 of these prints! Limited edition gold foiled print for your home! You can grab yours HERE  if you are fast enough!

This post is for my photographer friends. A while ago I told a very close friend (and fellow photographer) that I had just delivered a canvas to my bride as a gift and she loved it! This photographer looked at me and said “Tonie, aren’t you the queen of not loving canvases..? You have told me that before! You don’t love canvas prints…why would you give a client something you might not wholeheartedly want yourself?” *Insert palm to face*

She was right! I actually don’t like canvas prints for my home and so thus, I began to think, create…design.. (not *well* of course and mainly on sticky notes since they were square) and out came something I was so excited about! (Mainly due to E actually making it come to life as I talked over his shoulder at the computer screen as he physically designed it for me. He really is the best.) If you know me, you know my heart for my husband, God and our marriage. We made vows, promises and he is mine and I am his. That’s where my new adventure came into play! I created this gold foil print exclusively for my wedding and future bella clients as a constant reminder of their love for one another and the promises they make on their wedding day!

I am so happy to deliver something I LOVE so much. Hope they all love it too! Don’t forget, you can pick up one of the 15 limited edition prints on the above link! Blessings, Tonie





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