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“Closet Shopping” – My Epic Fail – Cutting Costs by Rediscovering Your Wardrobe by Seattle Wedding Photographer Tonie Christine – Session 3

Mar 11, 2014


So, have you ever heard about (or BEEN) the girl that stands in front of her closet (full of clothing) and starts off by saying “ugh! I have nothing to wear tonight!” Then the way her husband tells the story… “She tried on about 15 shirts, 3 pairs of pants, a skirt and it all ended in tears and she did not even want to leave the house!” Well, I can HONESTLY say, I have never been that girl…. until last week. As if I had walked into a brick wall, out of no where, the “ugh! I hate this… and I look terrible in that…” girl came out in me!!! WHAT?!? I know what you are thinking… and what you are thinking in your head actually came out of my husbands mouth “Babe, aren’t you supposed to be the pinterest knock-off girl “Closet shopping girl” who can make anything work?” I stared blankly at him and as we laughed pretty hard… a tear began to form in my eye… for real. A. Freaking.Tear. I was so upset at myself. I did not feel cute in anything, felt frumpy in everything and just all around no longer wanted to go out with our friends. HA! What a lame-o I was!

That being said, I pulled myself together, picked up one of my favorite go-to shirts and walked out the door. Needless to say I left my jacket on all night at dinner. This whole story spurred me to wonder what my go-to outfits are, how I can still be comfy but cute and if Pinterest had anything that was remotely similar to what I already had in my closet! Low and behold I came across this gray t-shirt and jeans pin and I just connected with it! I wanted to jazz up the outfit a bit more to my personal style, so I went with my camo skinnies from Express ($49.50) and my favorite classic Jackie Button Frye Boot (yes they are an investment at $350, but do it with your tax return or save up!) and my gray graphic tee is the steal of the day at $7 at forever 21! Lastly, I threw on one of my favorite mid-level necklaces that my mom made for me with a key I bought at a flea market. She made all the other metal pieces herself! She is pretty rad.  And VOIALA! I found a comfortable, fun outfit in my closet that I still felt good in – so, my advice today is, when you are feeling extra frumpy, make a quick deal with yourself that the next day will be better, and that you do INDEED have great outfits, you just need to shop a little harder in your own closet!







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