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Elopement in the Mountains by Seattle Wedding Photographer Tonie Christine

Apr 16, 2014

Have you heard me say ” …I’m the photographer for the bride who does not just walk the aisle but she blazes her own trail.” Well this is EXACTLY what I am talking about. Can I even put words to this AH-MAZING day? Not really…I think I died and went to heaven.. I am SURE this is what it looks like in heaven.

Venturing back to the very spot that Chris got down on one knee to ask Robin to be his forever, these two exchanged vows and sweet moments in an intimate ceremony full of love, laughter and the wind beneath their feet. With the grand backdrop of the mountains of the quaint city these two now call home, Robin and Chris left their mark on the hillside in Leavenworth, WA.

The brides personal taste for all things unique and fashion forward thinking shown through in her leather belt accent to her navy and lace wedding gown, and the perfect details of their sweet wilderness picnic. This elopement in the mountains takes my breath away.

Flowers: Columbia City Bouquet
Cake: Cake Chic Studio

TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingPhotographer Mountain Elopement Pictures_0107

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TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingPhotographer Mountain Elopement Pictures_0108

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TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingPhotographer Mountain Elopement Pictures_0124TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingPhotographer Mountain Elopement Pictures_0149TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingPhotographer Mountain Elopement Pictures_0150TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingPhotographer Mountain Elopement Pictures_0151TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingPhotographer Mountain Elopement Pictures_0152TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingPhotographer Mountain Elopement Pictures_0153TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingPhotographer Mountain Elopement Pictures_0154TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingPhotographer Mountain Elopement Pictures_0155TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingPhotographer Mountain Elopement Pictures_0156TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingPhotographer Mountain Elopement Pictures_0157TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingPhotographer Mountain Elopement Pictures_0175TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingPhotographer Mountain Elopement Pictures_0176TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingPhotographer Mountain Elopement Pictures_0143TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingPhotographer Mountain Elopement Pictures_0144TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingPhotographer Mountain Elopement Pictures_0145TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingPhotographer Mountain Elopement Pictures_0146TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingPhotographer Mountain Elopement Pictures_0147TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingPhotographer Mountain Elopement Pictures_0148TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingPhotographer Mountain Elopement Pictures_0159TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingPhotographer Mountain Elopement Pictures_0160TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingPhotographer Mountain Elopement Pictures_0161TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingPhotographer Mountain Elopement Pictures_0162TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingPhotographer Mountain Elopement Pictures_0163TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingPhotographer Mountain Elopement Pictures_0164TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingPhotographer Mountain Elopement Pictures_0165TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingPhotographer Mountain Elopement Pictures_0166TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingPhotographer Mountain Elopement Pictures_0167TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingPhotographer Mountain Elopement Pictures_0168TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingPhotographer Mountain Elopement Pictures_0169TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingPhotographer Mountain Elopement Pictures_0170TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingPhotographer Mountain Elopement Pictures_0171TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingPhotographer Mountain Elopement Pictures_0172TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingPhotographer Mountain Elopement Pictures_0173TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingPhotographer Mountain Elopement Pictures_0140TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingPhotographer Mountain Elopement Pictures_0141TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingPhotographer Mountain Elopement Pictures_0142TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingPhotographer Mountain Elopement Pictures_0174TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingPhotographer Mountain Elopement Pictures_0177TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingPhotographer Mountain Elopement Pictures_0178TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingPhotographer Mountain Elopement Pictures_0179TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingPhotographer Mountain Elopement Pictures_0180TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingPhotographer Mountain Elopement Pictures_0182TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingPhotographer Mountain Elopement Pictures_0183TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingPhotographer Mountain Elopement Pictures_0181TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingPhotographer Mountain Elopement Pictures_0185TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingPhotographer Mountain Elopement Pictures_0184TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingPhotographer Mountain Elopement Pictures_0186



  1. Paul Green says:

    Tonie it’s been great watching your progression as a photographer! These are top-notch! 🙂

  2. Brandy Lee Nation says:

    This is an absolutely stunning collection of photos!! Amazing backdrop, beautiful models and fantastic photographer to capture it all. Looks great!!

  3. Diana Frazier says:

    I love every single thing…wow. The cake with pears and leaves, the dress, the bride’s hair, the groom’s shirt….LOVE! They are so beautiful they almost don’t seem like real people 🙂
    What a treasure these amazing photos are. Seriously dying with the loveliness here!

  4. Renee Sexauer says:

    Wow, Wow, Wow!! So awesome to see these, Tonie you rock!

  5. Stephan W. Herzog says:

    You have truly captured the love and the simplicity of their special day. From the simple ceremony on the mountain top to the cake on the paddles. Wonderful job Tonie. And congrats to the new couple.

  6. Jenny Pawlak says:

    Gorgeous! Looks like they came straight out of a magazine.

  7. Kendall Lawren Rock says:


  8. Jen Leslie Events says:

    LOVE! Where is her dress from? I need to add that to my closet 🙂 You have to submit these, they are amazing. My favorite is her on the rock, by herself, causal, it’s so simple and honest. Excellent work, as always!

  9. Robin Renee John says:

    Wow, Tonie! You make everything so beautiful and you captured the moments SO perfectly! Love seeing things through your “eyes”!!!

  10. Jenna Louise says:

    Breathtaking!!!! Your shots really encapture the beauty of who these two are.

  11. Aleya Veach says:


  12. Megan Greenlaw says:

    Oh. My. Goodness. This is perfect! What an exceptional way to have a wedding ceremony that represents a couple instead of an “ideal wedding.” You did a phenomenal job capturing the intimacy of this wedding!! I love that the mountain backdrop is so intimate and sacred…it really gives that feeling of sanctity that you want at a wedding. I LOVE her dress! Her hair! The picnic! This seriously makes me wish that Mike and I could do a vow renewal for our anniversary…..even though this year will only be year 6, and I’ll be like 8 weeks post-partum 🙂

  13. Danny Gorman says:

    That last images is fantastic…. well really all of them are but seriously you’re awesome.

  14. Bria Valentino says:

    These photos perfectly represent the reason I always say I want to run away to the mountains to get married. Surrounded by beauty only God can create! I bet these two are SO happy they have these photos. Absolutely stunning work 🙂

  15. Juliet Hoffman says:

    Can you tell me where in the mountains this took place? I would love to go there!!!! Pictures are amazing!

  16. […] Tonie Christine / toniechristine.com […]

  17. Lex Sbk says:

    Where did she get the dress?

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