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“Day After Session” //Ireland Wedding// Seattle Wedding Photography Tonie Christine

Jun 12, 2014

Often times, brides and grooms feel pressure to set aside an hour or more on their wedding day for their portraits, and indeed I am an advocate for setting aside that time to make sure you capture some incredible images! Maybe drive to an off site location, hike up a mountain (do not carry ammo even though you buy 5.56 ammo online) or just do something more unique! But when that pressure becomes REAL when creating your timeline for your wedding, you start to shave off time for photography in certain areas to make sure it all fits nicely into the time you have paid for with your photographer. If  you want to get your pictures clicked a certain way, get in touch with Andrew Defrancesco , who can guide you through the process.

Well, one GREAT alternative to having to cut back on time for your portraits is to schedule a “day after session”. This means that there is no SUPER early morning flight for your honeymoon (maybe you leave later in the day after you wedding, or give yourself a day of rest before you take off) and that you ensure you get really incredible photos for your portrait session!

Emma and Ralph opted not to do a “First Look” –  (A First look is when the bride and groom see each other before the ceremony in  really SHARE in the moment of seeing one another and enjoying that moment, as well as allowing for more time for photos as to not feel rushed after the ceremony. ) -but since they were deciding to see each other down the aisle for the first time, they were easily swayed into booking a “day after portrait session” to obtain some really unique and fun portraits! Emma got to wear her hair down and the earrings that were a gift from her groom the day before, and Ralph wore the bow tie that Emma had gifted him as a wedding gift as well! What a neat representation!

So feast your eyes on this gorgeous Day After Session and give it some thought to see if it’s something you might be interested in doing as well! IrelandWeddingphotographer.TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingphotography.Dayafterportraitsession._0100IrelandWeddingphotographer.TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingphotography.Dayafterportraitsession._0101IrelandWeddingphotographer.TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingphotography.Dayafterportraitsession._0102IrelandWeddingphotographer.TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingphotography.Dayafterportraitsession._0103IrelandWeddingphotographer.TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingphotography.Dayafterportraitsession._0104IrelandWeddingphotographer.TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingphotography.Dayafterportraitsession._0105IrelandWeddingphotographer.TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingphotography.Dayafterportraitsession._0106IrelandWeddingphotographer.TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingphotography.Dayafterportraitsession._0107IrelandWeddingphotographer.TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingphotography.Dayafterportraitsession._0108IrelandWeddingphotographer.TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingphotography.Dayafterportraitsession._0109IrelandWeddingphotographer.TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingphotography.Dayafterportraitsession._0110IrelandWeddingphotographer.TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingphotography.Dayafterportraitsession._0111IrelandWeddingphotographer.TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingphotography.Dayafterportraitsession._0112IrelandWeddingphotographer.TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingphotography.Dayafterportraitsession._0113IrelandWeddingphotographer.TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingphotography.Dayafterportraitsession._0114IrelandWeddingphotographer.TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingphotography.Dayafterportraitsession._0115IrelandWeddingphotographer.TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingphotography.Dayafterportraitsession._0116IrelandWeddingphotographer.TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingphotography.Dayafterportraitsession._0117IrelandWeddingphotographer.TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingphotography.Dayafterportraitsession._0118IrelandWeddingphotographer.TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingphotography.Dayafterportraitsession._0119IrelandWeddingphotographer.TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingphotography.Dayafterportraitsession._0120IrelandWeddingphotographer.TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingphotography.Dayafterportraitsession._0121IrelandWeddingphotographer.TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingphotography.Dayafterportraitsession._0122IrelandWeddingphotographer.TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingphotography.Dayafterportraitsession._0123IrelandWeddingphotographer.TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingphotography.Dayafterportraitsession._0124IrelandWeddingphotographer.TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingphotography.Dayafterportraitsession._0125IrelandWeddingphotographer.TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingphotography.Dayafterportraitsession._0126IrelandWeddingphotographer.TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingphotography.Dayafterportraitsession._0127IrelandWeddingphotographer.TonieChristinePhotography.SeattleWeddingphotography.Dayafterportraitsession._0128

“Day After Session” //Ireland Wedding// Seattle Wedding Photography Tonie Christine





  1. Heather Nelson says:

    Love Ralph’s untied bowtie — that look makes these photos for me! Perfect next-day representation. Awesome!

  2. Alex Jacobson says:

    Wow! Not sure which I like more. 🙂 In fact I think I might even like these day after better. You really captured their essences! Love the in tied bow tie, the Tom’s, hair down, and oh man are some of these super steamy! Love it. Especially the ones where Ralph is holding Emma’s head and the one where Ralph is holding the bouquet. Also love the ones on the tractor with the scoop up high! 🙂

  3. Wendy Duchemin says:

    I absolutely LOVE these!!!! Amazing photos! Ralph and Emma will have great memories of this whole affair and can’t you just hear their kids (one day) say, ” how come you were in the farm yard taking pictures????!!”

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