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It’s A…….. // Gender Reveal Party for the Sexauer Baby!!! //

Apr 20, 2015

I’ll make the LONG story short… we joined forces with our best friends who are due 2 weeks ahead of us, invited the four families over and our closest mutual friends. We divided everyone into two teams and played simple quick games! Sarah and I were team 1 and Jake and E were team 2…. Needless to say, Sarah and I were VERY relieved that our team dominated the games and that meant we got to smash a pie in the boys’ faces that revealed the gender of our babies to everyone, including us! (I knew Sarah’s baby gender and she knew mine so we made the pies for each other!) Friends were kind enough to snap these few photos with us and I love the blurry ones and all! Enjoy and we are THRILLED to be announcing that baby Sexauer is a……. GIRL!!!!!!!!Toniechristinephotography.GenderRevealPArty_0100Toniechristinephotography.GenderRevealPArty_0101Toniechristinephotography.GenderRevealPArty_0102Toniechristinephotography.GenderRevealPArty_0103Toniechristinephotography.GenderRevealPArty_0104Toniechristinephotography.GenderRevealPArty_0105Toniechristinephotography.GenderRevealPArty_0106Toniechristinephotography.GenderRevealPArty_0107Toniechristinephotography.GenderRevealPArty_0108Toniechristinephotography.GenderRevealPArty_0109Toniechristinephotography.GenderRevealPArty_0110Toniechristinephotography.GenderRevealPArty_0111Toniechristinephotography.GenderRevealPArty_0112Toniechristinephotography.GenderRevealPArty_0113

Baby Sexauer Gender Reveal Party!!!! from Tonie Christine | TCP on Vimeo.



  1. Tori Aaker says:

    yayyyyy!!! <3

  2. Andrea Kay Rogers says:

    So fun! Girls are the best!

  3. Lisa Danskin says:

    Cha ching$$ congrats!!

  4. Michael Duchemin says:

    I called it a long time ago! :). So excited to see the look and personality of this precious little Sexauer. Yippee from “danDad”

  5. Patti Duchemin Danskin says:

    Wow!!! That is sooo exciting Toni and Eric!! Congratulations!!

  6. Kelly Backous says:

    I love the photo of you and Alex…your faces are exactly the same! 🙂

  7. Beth Schubert says:


  8. Krissy Goodnough says:

    Congrats so excited for you guys!!!!!

  9. Andrew Brammeier says:

    Congratulations Toni! So happy for you guys!

  10. Sheri Rainey Backous says:

    Congratulations! Both Kelly and I were guessing a girl! Yay! Can’t wait to see all the photos that you’ll be taking!

  11. Jodi Danskin Harster says:

    Congratulations she’ll be fun

  12. Ardys Maryott says:

    I am so happy for you! Baby girls are so wonderful you will love being parents! Gods blessing on you as you nurture this little gift from him! Love you Grandma M.

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