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Maternity Outfit Ideas // Closet Shopping 18 Weeks Pregnant // Seattle Wedding Photographer Tonie Christine

Apr 7, 2015

First let me just say, “Closet Shopping” has gotten A LOT harder with a growing belly – and even harder – the idea that I want to “look cute or stylish” or “Oh my gosh… what in the TAR am I supposed to wear to this shoot or my wedding I’m shooting next weekend?!” — That being said, I had E just snap a few shots at my most recent engagement shoot of what I wore, and my growing belly! Kill two birds with one stone right?! Haha! Well, I have found that jeans, a tank and a jacket of some sort, is my go-to right now for all day – everyday AND for what to wear on my shoots with clients!


This was actually my first time wearing maternity pants! I can honestly say I felt a bit ridiculous with that huge bang up over my belly but MAN I am SO glad I have not waited until the end to buy one pair of pants! I know I will wear them tons! – so to all you expectant mom’s my only “pregnancy advice” thus far is don’t tell yourself it’s a waste of money to buy one pair of maternity pants or shorts… Ultimately you will wait until the end and then just wonder why you hadn’t done it sooner!!

My t-shirt is also a maternity top that I found on clearance and an additional 40% off at Destination Maternity! It ended up being 8$!! When I went into the store I was skeptical about how much better a “maternity shirt” – that had no “rouching or gathering” on the side could fit any better than an oversized or flowy shirt I bought at a regular store… but man, I strapped on that fake 7 month belly at the store and was SHOCKED with how much better these shirts fit than my normal clothes! Again, totally worth grabbing a few on clearance!

I’ll try to keep up on some cheap maternity outfit ideas as I go through the process of getting bigger while still trying to look stylish and professional! Hopefully someone can benefit a bit from all my attempts (and failures! HAHA!)


Maternity Outfit Ideas // Closet Shopping 19 Weeks Pregnant // Seattle Wedding Photographer Tonie Christine



  1. Jennifer Olmstead says:

    I totally in blazers, tanks and jeans for the most part, and then supplemented with cute maternity dresses (it was so nice not having to pull together a whole outfit if the dress was cute enough on its own), primarily from ASOS.

    And yeah, I fought it for way too long – maternity jeans are a GIFT. Glad you’re embracing them early!

  2. Sam Amburgey says:

    Giiiiiiiirl I lived in my maternity jeans/pants! You have to try their leggings and yoga pants! Heaven! Even post pregnancy I still wear mine sometimes when I want my stomach a tad tighter 🙂 hehe.

  3. Brandy Lee Nation says:

    I just bought some maxi dresses to start wearing for when it starts getting hot…and maxi skirts are BOMB too. Super comfortable b/c they aren’t tight around the belly.

  4. Lauren O'Brien says:

    Macy’s has a small but awesome maternity section with some cute designer brands on clearance!

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