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“Mom” Inspired Baby Shower // Baby Girl Sexauer // Black White Gold and Pink Baby Shower Inspiration

May 27, 2015

I must admit that I felt VERY VERY spoiled by my sister of Ask Alex Joy,  my mom and aunt who hosted this shower for me in my hometown surrounded by my family and a few very close friends! My sister did a “Mom” inspired baby shower that was such a fun fresh take on a baby shower versus the more traditional “It’s a Girl!”. I especially LOVED the naked cake and the mimosa bar with fresh fruit to add to the variety of juices! I was also SO pleased that we didn’t have to play any “typical shower games” as those are not really my cup of tea… but my mom read a very special letter that incorporated our little girls name and just being surrounded by the village that will help raise her was a memory I will not soon forget! Hope you will enjoy this little bit of inspiration and maybe find an idea you could use if you host a shower in the future! BlackandWhiteBabyShowerInspiration_0115BlackandWhiteBabyShowerInspiration_0100BlackandWhiteBabyShowerInspiration_0101BlackandWhiteBabyShowerInspiration_0102BlackandWhiteBabyShowerInspiration_0103BlackandWhiteBabyShowerInspiration_0104BlackandWhiteBabyShowerInspiration_0105BlackandWhiteBabyShowerInspiration_0106BlackandWhiteBabyShowerInspiration_0107BlackandWhiteBabyShowerInspiration_0108BlackandWhiteBabyShowerInspiration_0109BlackandWhiteBabyShowerInspiration_0110BlackandWhiteBabyShowerInspiration_0111BlackandWhiteBabyShowerInspiration_0112BlackandWhiteBabyShowerInspiration_0113BlackandWhiteBabyShowerInspiration_0114



  1. Katelyn Lucas says:

    So gorgeous!!! What a special time! AMazing job Alex!

  2. Stacee Thorne says:

    Beautiful shower! Love the ‘Mom’ theme

  3. Nikki Bauer says:

    Wow that looked so beautiful!! Love you Tonie girl!

  4. Lidiya says:

    I am absolutely in love it’s your blog! You are such an inspiration !! Thank you , this post is just way too adorable! I’m loving everything about it!! Tnx for sharing

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