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The Only Thing my Closet Was Missing… // Closet Shopping with Seattle Personal Stylist

Sep 28, 2015

I can honestly say, I finally figured out the ONE thing my closet was missing! A PERSONAL STYLIST! Seriously folks, I had preconceived notions of what a “Personal Stylist” really meant…. mainly.. “I can’t afford one” and “those are for people in Hollywood and New York right?!” … well the short answer to those thoughts is NO WAY!

Que: Style by Ari!!!

I met this gal a couple years ago and can’t rave about her enough! She worked WONDERS in my closet!

Here’s the deal any how it works: PS don’t mind the yucky iPhone photos because I was too excited to go get my camera and take real ones so just bear with me!

Step One: Chat with Ari about your style and what you want to accomplish. This is about a 30 min conversation in person or over the phone… then the fun begins!

Step Two: Ari has you pull out about 7-10 items that are you “Go-To” items that you LOVE to wear. This is a photo of my “Before” … I hang 90% of my clothing minus my pants and some workout clothes. My closet was a mess of every style, color and things I have held onto for YEARS.



Step Three: Ari begins her work! She starts to pull out items that she knows are great and match your style. Occasionally she will ask if you have certain pieces that she wants to work into an outfit. I took this opportunity to also go through all my clothing and start to really get RID of lots of stuff! It was great to have a second opinion there for items I was uncertain about and Air was awesome about asking a couple questions such as: “When is the last time you wore it?” – “What do you plan to wear with it in the near future” and if I didn’t have great answers then I knew it was time to get rid of it!


Step Four: Ari goes through the outfits she has put together for you and shows you options and how to pair it with other items as well to really get the MOST out of your wardrobe!



Step Five: THE AFTER!!! I was so thrilled to end up with so many new outfits that I would have never paired together and wearing pieces from my OWN closet that I had not know HOW to wear for a long time!

BONUS: Ari has “add-ons” that she will help you identify pieces that you might be missing or that would work well within your wardrobe and be versatile enough to go with lots of outfits she has created for you! Then she will either go on a shopping trip WITH you or you can opt to have her keep her eyes open for you and send you links to items she thinks will work for you! I personally opted to add on the shopping trip in 30 days to 1.) save up a small budget to spend and 2.) to really identify what I feel like I am missing and am in need of!

So here are my “After” photos and I took these to a couple friends and sold off some items as well as Platos Closet ( A store that takes used clothing and gives you cash for them ) to get some extra cash to put towards a new fall piece I want to add to my closet!


So, my review of this is 10 out of 10!!! Ari is worth EVERY penny I paid to have her come and I totally recommend you do some of your own “Closet Shopping” with her! Her email is stylebyari@gmail.com or visit her website to learn more and book your session!

I just HAD to snap a few photos of Ari in a few of her own adorable looks! Check her out!


The Only Thing my Closet Was Missing… // Closet Shopping with Seattle Personal Stylist



  1. Cindy holmes says:

    I recently went through my closet too! Feels so good!
    I think you would make a great Cabi girl

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