I'm Tonie - my hearts desire is to work with brides who are not afraid of stepping outside their comfort zone for a dance in the rain, a romp under a waterfall or a blustery day that might put wind in her hair!


The Tonie Christine EXPERIENCE // Tonie’s Favorite Things Party // PNW Wedding Photographer Tonie Christine

May 23, 2016


When I think about being a bride, paying for wedding photography and putting effort into meeting with total strangers to select a wedding photographer, I truly get a bit jittery. Brides work hard to find the perfect fit, and I am honored to be that person to my Tonie Christine Brides. They truly embody my motto of being the photographer for the “the bride who does not just walk the aisle, she blazes her own trail” and why would I not want to be that same thing for them?! So, in true “blazing a trail” fashion, I wanted to do something over the top for my brides to show them just how much I love and appreciate them! Creating an experience they will never forget from their wedding photographer from start to finish. So, here is a glimpse into my annual “Tonie’s Favorite Things Party” where showering them with gifts and love truly brings Christmas Joy to a whole new level during summer!

I am so excited to be doing a LIVE Facebook Broadcast for any photographer or business owner, who wants to learn HOW to get more inquiries in their email boxes, reach the brides you LONG to work with, and truly put value on your business. If you want to know more about this party and the above topics, you can join the event HERE and be a part of the Free Live Q&A Session with me on June 1st at 7pm PST. Can’t wait to give away some secrets to growing your business!

The Tonie Christine Experience from Tonie Christine | TCP on Vimeo.




  1. Christine says:

    this is incredible. I’ve never heard of anything so truly generous from a wedding vendor for their clients!

you said:

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