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A Non-Readers Book list for Entrepreneurs // Tonie Christine’s Book List for People Who Hate Reading

Feb 3, 2017

OK so, admittedly, I HATE reading. Always have and probably always will…. BUT many moons ago, I was on a family camping trip and my book worm of a sister wouldn’t go ride bikes with me…. instead she wanted to sit by the fire and.. you guessed it… READ… GROSS……So, my gracious mother told me since I hated reading she would read me the first two chapters of Harry Potter out loud and if I didn’t care to continue it I didn’t have to….well, I was hooked and read the entire book (slowly might I add) over that camping trip and THAT my friends was the first and only book I read cover to cover until after I graduated College…. crazy I know… and don’t tell my College Professors!  So, as a business person, people often ask what books they should be reading and I have read these 6 books over the last 2 years (usually during times where I have literally nothing better to do… vacations where I am on a beach and just want some entertainment, or a long flight where I should be editing or something productive). So, I love each of these books for widely different reasons but I feel as though they have ALL had a benefit on my thought process AND my business. Not to mention on my personal life as well! So here goes, my top 6 books I think the “non-reader” can bare to read and totally SHOULD!

  1. GIRL BOSS – I don’t care what anyone says about Amaroasa.. this book is filled with great info and just some insights to working hard and fighting for yourself.
  2. BIG MAGIC – Admittedly, I am listening to this in the car but I have limited myself to only listening on drives 30 min or longer because it is THAT good and I don’t want to waste it on little car trips where I might loose my train of thought or rather HER train of thought, because Elizabeth Gilbert is a MASTER of words! SO many great thoughts on letting your creativity and ideas take flight!
  3. SEVEN – I honestly made fun of one of my best friends about 6 years ago for reading this book because the ideas in it sounded INSANE… like straight up admit her to a hospital and tell her she has gone nutty for considering DOING what the author does in the book….Then I read the book… and was so FREAKING inspired I didn’t know where to start. Ok, so this one and the next one on the list may not pertain directly to business, BUT Jen Hatmaker is a serious genius/wizard with words and her hilarious accounts of things that I feel like almost ANYONE can relate to. Not to mention simplifying ANYTHING in my life directly helps my business grow.
  4. FOR THE LOVE – Read above explanation and DO NOT let the tittle make you think it’s a mushy gushy book… because the title actually refers to “Oh my gosh for the love of humanity stop being so dumb!” Well… something like that but I paraphrased and this book was a GREAT READ
  5. 5.  MAKE IT HAPPEN – I actually read this book while I was pregnant and it was a great and fairly fast read! The Author is Lara Casey and she pushed through A TON of crap and has great insights on the action her title literally calls you to.
  6. NOTHING TO PROVE – OK you caught me… I haven’t read this one yet, BUT it just arrived in the mail yesterday and I plan to take it on and read it cover to cover! (as soon as I make time haha!) But I am excited to dive into the heart of what I know we all struggle with daily… proving ourselves to all those around us. Want to join me? Grab the books right here:








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