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Gender Reveal! // Baby Sexauer #2 // Christmas Gender Reveal Idea

Dec 14, 2017

While we had a HUGE joint party and smashed pies  with our best friends who were pregnant with us last time around, to reveal Hastings’ gender…. (see it here) we decided we wanted to do something a bit more intimate and yet still find a fun way to get Hastings involved in finding out if she is going to have a brother or a sister! She would usually only reply back with whichever was the LAST thing you said to her when asked “Hastings do you want a baby brother or sister” up until the last two days before we found out! She began saying “thister thister!” in her little lisp! (Which I of course made her repeat a billion times because it was so funny! Needless to say, this time around I was feeling like it was a 100% boy and Eric was actually feeling like it was 100% girl! So, we decided to let Hasty pick out two small christmas trees and we would put pink or blue lights on each and allow my father in law to open the envelope and click back and forth between the two trees until he stopped on one color! Trying to help Hastings understand what was happening while still getting a couple close family members up on Facetime to witness it, was a BIT hectic but I LOVE how the memory unfolded and how EXCITED Hasty was! Watch the video that we took on cell phones and my friend Jaimie of Ridgewood Films QUICKLY threw together for me!!!



  1. Grandma and Grandpa says:

    Congratulations we are so happy for you! And anxiously awaiting this new little bundle of joy to our lives! So glad we could witness the reveal! Thank you! Love you all so much!

  2. Pamela says:

    So happy for you three! Hastings will be a wonderful big sister! Thank you for sharing your exciting news Tonie and Eric

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