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The Not So Mommy Blogs // Lorena Canal Rug Review // PNW Photographer Tonie Christine

Jun 8, 2018

When I had my daughter, I started a series called “The Not So Mommy Blogs” as a place for me to personally share my journey as a mom, my lack of skill in this department, and even a few successes! So you can check out some of those posts here. But today is celebrating small victories… because… here I am two kids deep and I am surviving! I say surviving because I’m honestly not THRIVING quite yet… 😉

You all know I try to be super honest and open about my life and who I am so this will be no different! Knighton Harper joined our family just 5 weeks ago and boy was it a WHIRLWIND! (More on his birth story later) but I am truly happy to say that I have found a couple things that have made life a bit easier for me lately. First is this rug from Lorena Canal Rugs! Believe it or not, it’s MACHINE WASHABLE folks! That’s huge for me because even just a few days after throwing it down, Hastings (2.5 year old) was eating her “juicy watermelon” all over it (insert mom head exploding face here) and with Knighton being the “gassy” kid in my family, I haven’t had to worry about spit up or anything getting on this rug! It’s truly a gift to a mom to not worry about something like that! The rug I picked out was this Berber Canvas Rug and I chose it because it was the canvas material that is lighter weight that most rugs.

It looks awesome on the wood floors, over the carpet in the kids’ playroom AND I have even ventured to take it outside for a “stylish” picnic! Because lets be real, any rugs that are washable look more like bathmats and are usually tiny…These rugs are FULL size and there are TONS of adorable options! I’ll be sharing a couple other things that I have loved using throughout this newborn stage coming up. But for now, heres a little update on where I am PERSONALLY at:

Knighton is almost 6 weeks. He wakes twice at night which has been super hard on mama as sleep deprivation is NOT my forte. Actually, I know that I really need at least 7-8 hours a night to function and between breastfeeding, pumping and preparing bottles each wake up, I am usually up for an hour or more. YIKES. He has a TRUE witching hour… (if you don’t know what that is, its when babies/kids get super fussy for a couple specific hours everyday) and man, after a long day, the LAST thing you want is to face witching hour from 6-9pm each night. Alas… while I am a “realist” (or maybe a pessimist, I am still not sure) I have TRULY enjoyed watching out daughter take to her brother, care for him and bring him her most PRIZED possession (Her Cali the Cow Stuffy) WHENEVER he cries. I mean queue the mommy tears! Hasty Rae for the win! I am cherishing the moments he falls asleep on my chest because its usually Daddy that gets him to sleep… and his little furrowed brow kills me! I LOVE his wrinkles on the back of his head and how he genuinely closes his eyes and relaxes his entire body when you gently tickle his head.

So often I get asked how I balance work and now two kids, marriage, my house and friends. Honestly people, I don’t! Work/life balance is an illusion and one I have decided to STOP striving for. I take it day by day, find little ways to make things better or easier, (like a washable rug I don’t have to worry about! 😉 ) and I remember that this is JUST A SEASON. One I am SURE I will look back on and greatly miss when it’s done! Cheers to hopefully sleeping again in the near future!

The Not So Mommy Blogs // Lorena Canal Rug Review // PNW Photographer Tonie Christine







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