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Hastings and Knighton Do the Pumpkin Patch // Knighton Harper // 5 Months Old //

Oct 2, 2018

Well it’s officially FALL!! (yes I know you know that because everyone and their mother is posting Pumpkin Spice Lattes, their cute fall outfits and their fall decor everywhere!) Anyway, we made a trip to the pumpkin patch EARLY this year, because we will be traveling or busy with work for all the upcoming fall weekends and BOY OH BOY did we strike GOLD. Seattle area friends…. OMG, we were the FIRST car into Bob’s Corn Maze and Pumpkin patch at 10:30am and we beat all the lines and had SO MUCH FUN. So, my tip is … go early hahah!

These days Hastings is SUCH a talker and often times she might say with and inquisitive look “Um, I am not sure of that word” after a pause and looking upward with her eyes trying to figure out the word she is searching for. Her little lisp is dissolving and it actually is quite sad! But needless to say I still LOVE when she pronounces words wrong. She is the #1 thing that can make Knighton smile and just light up! When we are trying to feed him, we have to tell Hasty to go play in the playroom because he only wants to look at her and interact with her! She really has never hit a “jealous that the new baby brother isn’t going away” phase at all and for that I am super grateful! Hastings has ALWAYS been really good with change even though she is a create of habit for sure. Knighton is now 5 months old and oddly enough he is much more of an attention hog than Hastings! He wants to be looked at or in your arms or AT LEAST at eye level height with all the action. He lasts about 3-4 min in the bouncer before he starts squawking and just wants us to come sit in front of it to chat with him! He is still not a fan of his back at all and really only rolls over in his bed or a little bit on the carpet too. We see him wanting to already pull his legs up under him to crawl, but he for sure is a ways off from that still! Starting solid foods this month with him has been so fun! We learned our lesson with Hastings with doing fruits first (she has her mommy’s sweet tooth FOR SURE) so with him, we are sticking to all the veggies for a LONG time.

Updates for me to remember:

Knighton weights 18.6lbs and Hastings is 26.7lbs! (He will be catching up to her in NO TIME!) Knighton is a thumb sucker and Hasty NEVER was! Knighton has been a tummy sleeper since 3 weeks old! (of course this made me nervous at first, but after chatting with my pediatrician about it and she checked his head control, we got the go ahead!) HE started sleeping 7-8 hours a night around 8 weeks and we finally graduated to his full 12 hours around 12 weeks old. HE naps 3-4 times a day and  Hasty is in school 2 days a week from 9-1 and LOVES it!

Life with two littles is a stretch for me and of course for Eric too! But we really are loving seeing the two of them interact and we can’t wait for the rest of Eric’s paternity leave that we will spend in Hawaii at the beginning of next year! Cheers to fall and all the fun fall traditions!





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