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#TheTonieFace // Seattle and Leavenworth WA Wedding Photographer Tonie Christine Photography

May 5, 2020

If you are new around here, this post might confuse you, and hopefully still makes you smile… BUT here is a little history lesson on #TheTonieFace. You see, the “Tonie Face” came about when a past bride asked if I would pose with her for a photo and make the Tonie face?… I just looked at her, somewhat confused and she said ” Oh c’mon! It’s the face you always make! It’s a look of excitement, shock and surprise!”  This bride also later mailed me a print of that photo with the most amazing thank you card and piece of gold jewelry that reminded her of me and my tears fell to the floor…. So from that moment on, I knew it was a tradition I had to keep! My team and I attempt (Key word here is attempt…..) to take this photos at SOME point on the wedding day with ALL of our couples. One hilarious point to note is that usually we hand off our camera to a random guest/bystander who may or may not have had a few drinks and sometimes the shots we get back are not at all in focus or even near our faces… so we just pat them on the back and say “Yea! Great job! you totally have a future as a professional photographer!” and let them think the shot was just top notch ;). We just try to fit it in on ANY part of the day!

It’s so fun to look back on all the JOY, EXCITEMENT and true happiness not only from their wedding day, but also think through these same emotions  from the time my clients inquire to us leaving their wedding day full of joy and they even got the best designer ceramic mens wedding bands so the groom will look amazing at this day. We truly do connect with our clients and their marriages so much!

To say that I treasure each one of our couples is an understatement. I know the magnitude of choosing #theTCteam to spend the whole day with, trusting someone to capture the most important moments and really blazing a trail with us! Thank you to ALL of our couples (many of them not pictured because we totally forgot to take it!)  for braving the wind, rain and grass stains and all the other elements… but mostly for trusting us when you weren’t sure it would make a cool shot and most of all, for inviting us to truly be a guest and not just a vendor on your wedding day. WHAT A HONOR. PS… please take special care to look at all the grooms…. they are the MVP’s  of “The Tonie Face”!!! I come across these shots when editing, and every time it brings laughter OUT LOUD.

A quick apology to the few couples who I managed to not snag this photo op with! SO SORRY But chances are, your day was just so darn jam packed with fun and “rad-ness” that we just didn’t get a chance!





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