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Best tips for a RAD engagement shoot // Leavenworth and Seattle // Wedding Photographer Tonie Christine

Jun 16, 2020

Engagement Shoot Seattle

It’s HERE!!! Your engagement shoot! But oh crap… what now? What do I wear? Where do I buy it? What if it doesn’t fit? How will this outfit photograph? Ok ok, that list could go on, but rather than continuing to add to your anxiety, let our team take the stress OUT of planning your engagement shoot by giving you these simple steps to help you create a shoot that you will never forget and that will create timeless photos that you can plaster all around your home LONG into your marriage! Read on to learn more engagement shoot tips!

best engagement shoot tips seattle



While this part might feel stressful here are a couple quick tips to make sure you put together outfits that will photograph well and make you feel like a million bucks!  

  1. Don’t be scared of accessories! Bring a felt hat, your favorite sunglasses. Throw on that extra layer of a trench coat or pea coat! Get exciting and have one of your outfits be swimwear and accessorize with your BOAT, floaties for the pool and cocktails. I PROMISE these will turn out amazing.        
  2. Wear less “pattern” and deeper colors. This is one of the most important engagement shoot tips we have for you! Earth tones, or darker colors translate the best on camera! OVERLY patterned things like two people wearing plaid tops, or polka dots can make an outfit feel over the top. BRIGHT neon colors may not translate as well.
  3. Since you get to wear TWO outfits, have them be TOTALLY different than the other. If you are doing ripped denim and a graphic tee while your partner is wearing a simple tee and black wash denim, then lets DRESS UP the other look! An example of that would be a flowing gown, black romper or jumpsuit that will be more elegant and show an edgy side with your partner in something dressy and swanky too! (think suit or leather jackets etc)
  4. When purchasing options online, just know you can ALWAYS return them, SO buy 1-2 in EACH item in different sizes so that it all arrives before your shoot and you are not worried about an exchange before your shoot.



This is THE BEST PART! Choose something you HAVEN’T seen done before! We are here to help you brainstorm and are NOT afraid of a little trek or drive. Some of our favorite shoots were a 4 hour drive each way just for an hour and a half shoot! But it’s SOOO worth it! You only do your engagement shoot once, so pick something that is unique to the two of you! Remaining authentic is one of our favorite engagement shoot tips!

  1. The desert out in Vantage, WA at Sunset
  2.  A ski boat that you rent or borrow or own! Sunset sail with cocktails is a great setting.
  3. Rent that floating hot tub on lake WA on a summer night and invite us along to document it!
  4. Dance in the mist under a waterfall somewhere!
  5. If you want something a little more simplistic, let’s do an in-home session with the two of you. We can even book an AWESOME, trendy studio space with a brick wall, some gorgeous plant life and more!

The options are endless but we never want you to just “settle” for something that doesn’t feel authentic to you or EXCITING to you!

Time of Day


This one is a big one. Especially here in WA. When weather can be an issue, think through the following:

  • Are you okay with having a bit of rain on your shoot | typically Nov-April are high chance of having rain at your shoot
  • Do you want those golden hour sun rays? | May-October
  • Do you want to play in the snow or literally go skiing for your engagement shoot? WE CAN! | Dec-Feb

Lighting can be tricky! Whatever location you choose, just make sure to know that the best lighting is late afternoon and evening. This will allow softer light in the sunnier months. Once you pick a location, don’t be afraid to go visit it at the time of day our shoot is going to take place!



Lastly, I always tell any brides, consider having your wedding make up trial scheduled for the same day as our engagement shoot. Ask your favorite makeup artist to do a one off make up session with you and have your make up professionally applied (find more make up artists HERE on our little black book). This will only make you LOVE your photos more and your eyes POP that much more with false lashes. It doesn’t have to be over the top, but it will be a beautiful add on to your session and experience.

We hope you feel a little less nervous and all the more EXCITED to plan your engagement shoot. No matter the outfit, the weather or the location, you can just relax knowing we will pose you, guide you and laugh with you throughout the shoot. You won’t have to worry about feeling or looking awkward. Rest assured, thats our area of expertise! Lastly, you can see some of our FAVORITE shots from ALLLLL different engagement sessions HERE.



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