I once interviewed 7 death row inmates (ask me about this one later), I have run a marathon (26.2 miles- and I don’t recommend this) without training and I am possibly the worst cook known to man! God blessed me with a husband who doesn’t mind my awful cooking, a huge dog we call #SweetSuryGirl that I love more than my own closet of clothes and we are the proud parents of a little girl who has changed us for the better. Traveling and adventuring is in our blood, although we call the Pacific Northwest home and we are firm believers that #PNWisBest! I love Jesus with my whole heart and can’t wait to see where His story takes me next!


I am the photographer for the bride who does not just walk the aisle, but she blazes her own trail! What does that mean to me? It means that my hearts desire is to work with brides who are not afraid of stepping outside their comfort zone for a dance in the rain, a romp under a waterfall or a blustery day that might put wind in her hair! She isn’t afraid of logistics on her wedding day, and wants to make her photos a MEMORY and not just settle for what is right in front of her. Is that you? How can I help you blaze your trail?