Well, it’s that time of year again that photographers start rounding up their FAVORITE and most ASTOUNDING images of their year! It’s actually a hard time as a photographer for two reasons… 1.) It would be SOOO hard to choose favorite images/memories from the year and 2.) You start to look around at all these other peoples photos and always wonder if you are good enough! Well, years ago I decided to not follow the norm and “blaze my own trail” with a “Year in Review” post! I wanted to highlight the people who make my job possible and NOT just the glamorous shots or the most insanely epic photos from the year. You see, these brides and grooms ARE the most amazing part of my year. We have laughed together, cried together with some and made true and lasting friendships!

Each year I ask you to look at this post for three things:

1.) The grooms, they really ARE the rockstars of these photos because of how hilarious all their faces are!

2.) The fact that I literally pass my camera off, (usually to the most nearby person) attempt to quickly get the settings right for them, and hope they know how to use auto focus! Sooooo as you can see, some are blurry, some are crooked beyond repair and some didn’t even happen at all! Shout out to all the drunk totally rad reception guests or bridal party people who snap these photos for us! (Goes to show “wow your camera takes really great photos” isn’t always true… it’s the operator of said camera right?! hah!)

3.) Look at the excitement, because regardless of “The Tonie Face” each of these people just pledged their lives to one another and are JUST that pumped about it!

So ENJOY! “The Tonie Face 2017 Edition”


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