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Timeless VS Trendy :Fashion:

Dec 3, 2013

Have you ever read those People Mag articles that are supposed to show you how to get what the stars are wearing but for a cheaper price…and half of the “bargain deals” are still over $150!!! Well I hope to help ya out here a bit sister….

For me, fashion is not always about what is Trendy. When I go to the store, I try hard to think about the things that will be in fashion for a long time vs those that will fade out quickly. I felt like this outfit was a good mix of timeless picks that maybe I spent a bit more cash-olla on, and pieces that were more trendy that was less expensive! I like to use pink argyle diamonds earrings and bracelets when I wear black to attract the attention on to the small details.

Case in point: Fashion.TimelssVSTrendy_0100

I got the TRENDY part of my outfit out of the way with this ADORABLE gold and black sequin skirt I found at good ol’ forever 21! (Have you seen the bottom of their bags?! If not check it out!) It was $32! Score! (considering a beaded All Saints skirt can be around $325!)

The TIMELESS part of my outfit would be my boots! Frye Boots indeed are an investment, (and trust me I saved for my very first pair!) But I have had that pair for 4 years, LOVE them still and you can even Craigslist Frye boots YEARS later and get your moneys worth! But these Black Jackie Button Fyre boots run at $368 at Nordstrom and I wear them SOOO often…

Fashion.TimelssVSTrendy_0101My purse is what I call and “in-between”… but I LOVED it, and knew it would double as a camera bag on shoots, mini vacay bag, and the perfect dress up or dress down purse! So it was a Marshall’s purchase. (Which is my GO-TO store)

Lastly, a great way to make something inexpensive like this long sleeved top, “appear” more expensive is buy items with *details*, the back of this top is a sheer mauve color and had a great seam down the back to add the perfect touch of detail that you might never guess it was a clearance top ($9.00) at my 2nd go-to, TJ Maxx! Same with a chunky ring… I loose these SOOO often that I would rather buy cheeper ones than really nice ones… so this was a Nordstrom Rack Sale purchase ($7.99)



Can you tell I LOVE to scour the sale racks?! More on that later! Hope you enjoyed Timeless VS Trendy, and next time you are at the store, ask yourself “will I wear this in 2 years”…if so… it might be worth more than you think!






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