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Photographers are Seeking “Ideal” Brides – Tonie Christine Seattle Wedding Photographer

Jan 28, 2014

Brides, if you have not been “plugged into” a community of photographers, let me help you out. This topic is not usually openly talked about between clients and businesses, but I want to open the lines of communication. Just like you are interviewing photographers,  often times they are asking questions to see if you might be a good fit for them.  You see, most photographers have an “ideal client” that represents their brand, the things they personally love and the style of photography they want to capture. So, are you your dream photographers ideal client?


Let me shed some light on my personal take on “the ideal client”. I have thrown it out the window, pulled it back in, thought on it and then ripped it to shreds in order to come to what my perfect bride or client would be like. The following is what I came up with: You don’t need to act a certain way, like certain things, or dress a specific way, to be my ideal client or a “good fit” for Tonie Christine Photography. My “ideal” bride (or general client) looks at the art that I create and sees the story that is being told. You have seen my work, learned a bit about my heart through either my blogging or talking with me personally, and through that you have placed value on the photography I produce. YOU, my dear, are my ideal client.



Valuing the memories that we will create together through photography and the way your story is told, is the TRUE gift you can give to any photographer.

Find a photographer who reflects your life, your style, but most importantly your heart. Of all people I realize photography is an investment and that is why I have adopted the phrase my mom and dad have raised me on; “invest in your memory mutual funds”.  Your photographer is the one person you will spend the most time with on your wedding day other than your spouse. So, go explore! Ask questions and find the photographer who you can align yourself with as “the ideal client/photographer match” and feel excited about your decision to tell the story of your day together.




  1. Jen Goulet Kessler says:

    Hi – I just stumbled across your post and I have to say that I TOTALLY agree with this as a photographer. Also, as a bride, I definitely remember thinking I was not as cool as the ideal client that my photographers had outlined but I loved their style and it was totally worth it!

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