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Jan 29, 2014

Fremont, WA

Man, in a saturated industry such as photography, you might think it’s all competition and racing to gain more clients. But let me tell you something… I have worked hard to maintain friendships, relationships and networking with lots of photographers and I have found some of the most genuine, caring, giving people ever. Today I would like to introduce to you just one of them. Meet Kelly of Kelly Lemon Photography.

She packs a huge heart in her little body, awesome style, a flair for great braids and hairstyles, and has charisma down into her toes! I got to show her around Fremont, have lunch at Jai Thai and then we poked around one of my favorite antique stores down there before we did some shooting of each other!

I “met” Kelly just before Christmas when I saw she posted in a Facebook group about needing to recommend a photographer for a wedding date she was booked for already. I threw my website link into the mix and then saw she was posting from Seattle. I quickly asked her to join me at a Christmas party that I had just been invited to an low and behold just 3 hours later there we were with our husbands in tow at a Christmas party on Capitol Hill in Seattle meeting for the first time! We laughed like old friends and knew it was destiny as soon as our husbands hit it off as well!

Kelly and her husband Augustin, are new to Seattle and re-plants from…well… just about everywhere! Ghana, Colorado, and so many other places… you practically name it and most likely they have lived there! I could NOT be more excited for Kelly to build up her business here in Seattle and share in lots of memory making with her as a friend!







  1. Elizabeth Stamm Weitz says:

    Ah…love Kelly! And I’ve never met her but we have been fb buddies for a while. Great article!

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