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TnE Do….Chihuly Glass Museum // Date Number 1 //Date Night Ideas from Seattle Wedding and Portrait Photographer Tonie Christine

Feb 8, 2014

So… If you follow me on Instagram (@TonieChristine) you may have noticed my hashtag, and just never asked what it means! #OfficiallyEnT was started in Ireland on our wedding day! It means “Officially Eric and Tonie” since Instagram does not allow me to hastag the word “Sexauer” due to the first three letters…I could not hashtag #OfficiallyaSexauer and instead I came up with #OfficiallyEnT…

Now onto this blog post… as TnE, we like to do lots of adventures, things that don’t cost a lot of money and fun date nights! So I am going to start a blogging series for our fun dates and ideas we come up with! “TnE Do…” will be this blog series and to kick off Blog Number one for great date night idea “TnE do the Seattle Chihuly Glass Museum”! If you are still reading this blog I have a GREAT story for you… I was photographing an event at a very high profile Seattlelite families home about 4 years ago, when I sat down in the third “living room” in their home (Yes I think they must have had at least 5 living rooms…) As I sat down, a man across from me (we were by ourselves in this room) let out a huge sigh… he was an interesting looking man so I decided to strike up conversation… “Long night for you too?” He replied “Oh yes indeed, I just come to these things to make an appearance and then fade into the background…” to which I replied… “Well at least there is great reading materials!” and held up a coffee table book of the Seattle Chihuly glass Museum… He chuckled and said “Well you seem like a glass half full kind of gal!” I said out loud “I guess that’s just what I am!” and I took the last sip of my water and went back to shooting the party. Low and behold, this crazy haired man with an eye patch was Dale Chihuly himself. In the flesh. In this third living room. At a Halloween kids party- and I just held up his OWN book of glass art and told him to read it… Well gosh… you decide if that story is real or not because I am not really ready to live it again.

All that being said, the glass museum took us about 40 min to complete and was a VERY fun date night! Cost was around $20 per person but VERY worth it and coupons often arise! Take a camera if you go and see what kinds of shadows and neat things you can capture as well!




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