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Lifestyle //Trina// Seattle Portrait Photographer – Tonie Christine –

Feb 7, 2014

Manette, Washington

Trina came to me with a sweetness in her heart that I was dying to capture. She told me a story of transformation in her life and about a time when being in front of the camera used to be easy for her. Over the years that changed and she no longer liked being in front of the lens.  She wanted to put her own spin on my “Bella by Tonie” shoots and do something wonderful for her husband for their Anniversary.

She wanted to document this time in her life as she has changed and this new Trina has become a reality! With the perfect new hair and gorgeous make up she had done on a day to herself, she jumped in front of my camera and by the end of the session was rocking out her own take on my “Bella by Tonie”  shoots combined with my Lifestyle portrait shoots! This shoot will be a gift for her husband as we shot in a jacket he got her as a gift and in front of the very restaurant he proposed in! Trina, you are a gorgeous soul and I am so lucky to have been a small part in this journey of transformation and confidence! THIS is what photography is about.




  1. Kate Elizabeth says:

    AWE I LOVE that!! So beautiful and I love her spin on the bella shoot. So much meaning in the photos.

  2. Wendy Duchemin says:

    These are wonderful !

  3. Nora Berheim says:

    Love love love! One of my favorites is at the top, you are sitting and look to be laughing or just that great smile. Beautiful!

  4. Trina Fisher Williamson says:

    Okay….it’s not a secret anymore. My husband finally opened his present! He loved the pictures! Thank you so much Tonie!!!!! Can’t wait to get our family pics done this year!

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