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“Closet Shopping” – Cutting Costs by Rediscovering Your Wardrobe by Seattle Wedding Photographer Tonie Christine – Session 2

Mar 1, 2014

TonieChristine.ClosetShopping.SeattleWeddingPhotographerTonieChristine.Outfit2_0101When I ran across this photo on Pinterest, I was immediately drawn to the clean lines and the all black sophisticated look! (I actually hope that my closet shopping helps me grow outside the area of Black Outfits since I tend to wear them A LOT since I love them!) Once I realized her top was a sheer “body suit” I thought to myself “hmmmm, well THAT’S for sure not in my closet already!” but I knew I had a shirt that had a beaded pattern similar to it so I went with a sheer shirt and a tank top under it! Now, before we make fun of the “body suit” or the “adult sized baby onesie” as I like to call them, I will say right here and right now… NEVER SAY NEVER… I thought I would NEVER wear a body suit, but realistically you actually don’t know what you will later decide is trendy and cool. You just might go back to those legging with stirrups or sweater vests!

So, her outfit I think was well over $500. Mine, well aside from the fact that all these items were ALREADY in my closet and I didn’t need to buy a body suit, here are my items:

Booties: Nordstrom Rack on clearance since I got them in spring and boots are usually on sale from that same winter…($37)

Top: Francesca’s Boutique 50% off rack  and I was so excited! Then when I got home I noticed it was missing one strand of beads, but for 50% off I will take it! ($16)

Purse: TJ MAX and it was a bit more “spend” at $119 BUT I bought it 7 years ago, it’s real leather and for that, I am thankful I spent a pretty penny on a purse that was classic enough to withstand time! (Check out my other blog post on Trendy VS Timeless for more on that subject)

Blazer: Nordstrom Rack ($39)






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    Just one of the many reasons why I love you! 🙂

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