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Ireland Iphone Photos // Traveling Wedding Photographer Tonie Christine//

Jun 1, 2014

Good Morning! Or Afternoon! Or Evening! I do not think I have EVER been this jet lagged before… due to not sleeping a few nights before and after shooting the wedding in Ireland, my schedule has been VERY messed up. But non-the-less, I am excited to share JUST some iPhone photos from the Ireland part of our trip! (We went to Croatia next and are in Bosnia right now! We will head back to Croatia and then back to Dublin for a few more days of fun there soon… you can keep up in real time on Instagram here!)

So read along for the story!

We were off to a great start in Seattle and in high spirits with great rest! Thanks to a DEAR friend Candice who drove us WAY to early to the airport!

Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset

I had a gorgeous view as we left the Pacific Northwest area!


As SOON as we landed in Ireland we were greeted by the Brides sister and drove from Dublin to Kilkenny. E and I hid out in our room for a quick hour long power nap as we had almost been up for 24 hours but then a knock at the door came and it was off to the wedding rehearsal that day!Processed with VSCOcam with m6 preset

I do not think I have EVER had as sleepless of a night as I did before the wedding! Jet lag, allergies and probably pure excitement were all the culprits and the loges stretch of sleep I got was 24 min. But never the less, I was FULL of energy for the wedding day and boy did I need it to keep up with the bride and groom! They were amazing! 14 hours of shooting and these were really the only couple of iPhone shots I managed to get! Haha!IrelandAnniversaryblog.TonieChristine.Seattleweddingphotography_0103

The bride has her own eye for photography and exclaimed “Tonie! Do you have your phone on you, I just LOVE how you and E look right now shooting at us! So she snagged this photo and I snagged the one below right after 🙂 Processed with VSCOcam with g1 presetIrelandAnniversaryblog.TonieChristine.Seattleweddingphotography_0106


The day after the wedding I had 7 more private Bella shoots to do and it was the 25th so it was our actual anniversary so we made time to sneak away to our favorite castle ruins on our friends property where we got married in Kilkenny a year ago after my long day of shooting. Don’t mind the tired eyes and messy hair! 😉 IrelandAnniversaryblog.TonieChristine.Seattleweddingphotography_0107

That night Eric surprised me by booking the hotel that we stayed at the night of our wedding with the most AH-MAZING view of Kilkenny Castle. It’s simply a stunning place and if you ever go to Ireland be sure to look up the RiverCourt Hotel in Kilkenny and ask for a castle view room! IrelandAnniversaryblog.TonieChristine.Seattleweddingphotography_0108

We had a fun dinner at Kytlers Inn where we actually had lunch with our bridal party on the day of the wedding. We of course went with traditional fish and chips and E had a Guinness. 🙂 Appropriate.IrelandAnniversaryblog.TonieChristine.Seattleweddingphotography_0109


The Castle view is literally breathtaking and a photo cannot do justice to how MASSIVE it looks right out our window! IrelandAnniversaryblog.TonieChristine.Seattleweddingphotography_0110

The morning after we met up with my parents and our irish friend Dougie in town at a new Vintage tea shop 🙂 Then it was off to a Train ride, bus ride, shuttle ride and FINALLY arriving at our hotel in Dublin, JUST to check in for 4 hours…..IrelandAnniversaryblog.TonieChristine.Seattleweddingphotography_0111IrelandAnniversaryblog.TonieChristine.Seattleweddingphotography_0112IrelandAnniversaryblog.TonieChristine.Seattleweddingphotography_0113

after a mere 3 hours of sleep we were up early and headed to the airport for our LOOONG trip to Croatia. We took a route through Frankfurt airport with about an 8 hour layover. We had GREAT intentions of sightseeing in Frankfurt, but instead we succumbed to the benches in the airport that seemed to be calling our names and dozed off for a 5 hour nap! haha I have NEVER done that before!


Finally, VERY tired (left photo) we arrived in Dubrovnik, greeted by the GORGEOUS sunset and incredible streets! We were just SO EXCITED!! (Right photo) so we went out for a quick drink on the cliffs and then off to bed before starting our Croatian experience! That post is next and will be photos from my camera! Stay tuned 😉



OH! and one really RAD part of being back in Kilkenny was stopping on the same day just 365 days later and re-creating this wedding photo!!! SO FUN!!! IrelandAnniversaryblog.TonieChristine.Seattleweddingphotography_0117



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