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Merry Christmas from The Sexauer’s // OfficiallyEnT Christmas // Leavenworth Wedding Photographer Tonie Christine

Dec 22, 2014

Well! It’s here! The holidays have arrived if you are ready or not! 😉 — and by the sounds of E’s panicked voice last night.. “T! We can’t do our Christmas morning tomorrow night! I don’t have enough stocking stuffers for you!” Followed by a 9:30pm run to the mall—- He wasn’t quite ready either! hahah!  BUT, I didn’t think I was ready until I sat and really thought about it. Do I need to buy more gifts? No. Do I need to make more food? No. Is my house fully unpacked and ready for the onslaught of visitors for New Years?! HECK No. But here I sit, fully taking in and enjoyed Christmas morning (early) with my husband.. and boy is it a blessing!

Since our families don’t live super close to each other, we are blessed to get to do TWO Christmas celebrations in both of our home towns. We take time off work, off e-mailing and just try to REALLY enjoy the time together and most importantly to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Because THAT is what it’s all about.

So, I thought I would share a “digital” version of our christmas card this year as well as a few other fun portraits we shot while we were in Leavenworth a few weeks ago AND a little bit of “packaging inspiration” at the bottom for those of you who may decide that the red and green is a but overrated! 😉 Every year I do a theme to my gifts and that year was somewhat “woodland” solely because I found the CUTEST ribbon that had glittered reindeer (?) – E says they are FOR SURE Elk- on it and fell in LOVE! Hope you will enjoy those too! Do you do themed or the same wrapping paper on all your gifts or do you go with more of the “eclectic” look and just wrap with what ya got?! PS Check out E’s totally “I-am-a-graphic-designer-and-love-simplicity” wrap job in the last image of one of the gifts he gave to me! ha! I LOVE HIM!




Merry Christmas from The Sexauer’s // OfficiallyEnT Christmas // Leavenworth Wedding Photographer Tonie Christine



  1. Jaime Bronoske says:

    Toni I don’t know how you do it! I love your enthusiasm for life! It prompts me to also be enthusiastic

  2. Wendy Duchemin says:

    love all the pictures and beautiful scenery in Leavenworth and your wrappings are…well, WOW!

  3. Amanda Lloyd says:

    We need to make it to Leavenworth! Stat!! PS..timer photos?!?

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