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“The Tonie Face” // My Year in Review 2014 // Seattle Wedding Photographer Tonie Christine

Dec 28, 2014

Well… it’s the time of year that all the photographers I know put out their “Year in Review” post with their favorite images and this year I decided to put my own spin on it! – Sadly for me some weddings I wasn’t able to get this shot OR I simply forgot before we signed out for the night, so some of my RAD couples are not pictured- but alas…. these amazing people made for an incredible year with Tonie Christine Photography… AND they were totally onboard with doing “the Tonie Face” for the camera!!! I LOVE IT!!!

A couple things to note:

1. Brides and grooms were told very quickly “Make the Tonie face! Just look Surprised!” so it always kills me when I see the reactions and when I get home and sort through wedding images to find these! (it’s really probably for my amusement more than anything haha!)

2. For whatever reason we didn’t get to snap one with every client and next year I am fixing that!

3. I LOOVEE seeing these photos pop up on Instagram as well as my clients OWN versions of it, so use #thetonieface and check out some really fun ones on my Instagram! haha!

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to all of my brides, grooms, bella clients and lifestyle portrait clients for making 2014 a year of such growth, friendship, loyalty and change! YOU are the reason I do my job. YOU are the reason I love it and YOU are the reason I continue to push for better products, better experiences and better memories with each shot I take! LOVE YOU ALL! Here’s to 2015 and all the new adventures to come! and a special shout out to my second shooter Candice of Ivy & Tweed for shooting with me when E couldn’t!! You are a beautiful friend and one killer photographer! EndofYearReview.TheTonieFace.TonieChristinePhotography.LeavenworthWeddingPhotographer_0101EndofYearReview.TheTonieFace.TonieChristinePhotography.LeavenworthWeddingPhotographer_0102EndofYearReview.TheTonieFace.TonieChristinePhotography.LeavenworthWeddingPhotographer_0104EndofYearReview.TheTonieFace.TonieChristinePhotography.LeavenworthWeddingPhotographer_0105EndofYearReview.TheTonieFace.TonieChristinePhotography.LeavenworthWeddingPhotographer_0106EndofYearReview.TheTonieFace.TonieChristinePhotography.LeavenworthWeddingPhotographer_0107EndofYearReview.TheTonieFace.TonieChristinePhotography.LeavenworthWeddingPhotographer_0108EndofYearReview.TheTonieFace.TonieChristinePhotography.LeavenworthWeddingPhotographer_0109EndofYearReview.TheTonieFace.TonieChristinePhotography.LeavenworthWeddingPhotographer_0110EndofYearReview.TheTonieFace.TonieChristinePhotography.LeavenworthWeddingPhotographer_0111EndofYearReview.TheTonieFace.TonieChristinePhotography.LeavenworthWeddingPhotographer_0112EndofYearReview.TheTonieFace.TonieChristinePhotography.LeavenworthWeddingPhotographer_0113EndofYearReview.TheTonieFace.TonieChristinePhotography.LeavenworthWeddingPhotographer_0114 “The Tonie Face” // My Year in Review 2014 // Seattle Wedding Photographer Tonie Christine



  1. Wendy Duchemin says:

    SO funny! I love it!!

  2. Elise Beaman says:

    I Love Cole Carlson’s face in this picture!!!

  3. Catherine Hostetler says:

    LOVE your ZEST for life!!! It’s SO CONTAGIOUS!!!

  4. Aleenah Ansari says:

    You are literally the cutest thing, Tonie! <3

  5. Lisa Michelle Arhontidis says:

    This totally cracks me up!!! I just love your spirit!!!!!! SO MUCH FUN!

  6. Krista Herling says:

    Eric looks like he’s yawning in half of them! Funny!

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