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The “I can’t eat that” Diet // The-Not-So-Mommy Blogs // Seattle Wedding Photographer Tonie Christine

Jul 22, 2015

So, like many of these “Not-so-mommy-blogs” I have debated if I wanted to share about my new diet or not…mainly because when I tell people I was diagnosed with “Gestational Diabetes” I am SURE that they think it is/was my own fault… which in fact it’s not! (Thankfully) Gestational Diabetes (GD) Β is basically (in short and non-medical terms) diabetes that happens during pregnancy as a result of how pregnancy effects my body personally! FEW! But let me back up a second….

I had friends posting about the “dreaded sugar test” on Facebook and for a few weeks I comforted many of them stating “Guys, it’s not like a pass fail in life…. its just a few blood draws and a sugar test! In fact I have read about this hiit workouts from the internet, it will help us, there is nothing to worry about! You will be fine!” Little did I know that I was about to FAIL my test in just a couple short weeks. I took the test ( 12 hours of fasting, which is NEAR IMPOSSIBLE as a pregnant woman) then a blood draw… drink a can of SICK-NASTY sugar syrup within 4 min of sitting in front of the technician…. wait an hour in the waiting room…back in for another blood draw…. back in the waiting room for another hour and then finally a third blood draw….. needless to say, some of these tests are indeed a bit less invasive, but this was the way mine was. When I checked my results that night via email and saw that just one of my numbers was over the “range” by just a few points, I thought I was in the clear! Only a few hours later I received an email to come into the pharmacy to pick up my supplies and then meet with a nurse to go over details as I was being diagnosed with GD! I had NO idea what GD was or what I was in for, so I went to the pharmacy and my appointment the next day only to have the pharmacist tell me “Here are your testing strips and here is your container to place your used needles in….” I am sure he said a bunch of other stuff as well but at the sound of “needles” I nearly passed out right then and there and with the tears welling up in my eyes he then said “Oh, have you not been to your consult yet with your nurse?” to which I replied “No….I don’t know what any of this means..” So he sent me on my way to get all the 4-1-1 from the nurse…. Let me tell you… the next hour was a BLUR of “you will need to count your carbs… your numbers need to be below this number 1 hour after every meal and yes you will be poking yourself to test your blood sugar 4 times a day….”

Folks…. at that, I nearly lost it! I was so overwhelmed and so confused… but alas I am in week 3 now and the poking is not NEARLY the worst part haha! If you know me at all….you know that I have a strong sweet tooth… or as my sweet husband would say “Tonie you have the tastebuds of a 12 year old!” So this new Hell on Earth Diet low carb diet has been a HUGE challenge for me and has turned into the “I can’t eat that” diet.

So, on my last shopping trip I decided to document how REAL the struggle is…..

Q. “Tonie, yogurt is a great healthy treat, why don’t you try that for your 15carb or less snack each day”

A. Well folks, unless the yogurt looks like these ones…. you won’t EVER find me eating yogurt… I hate the stuff! In all forms fashions and flavors…. there is NOT ONE I like… I have even tried freezing go-gurts ( yes the 12 year old in me still hated those too!


Q: So since you have to have SUCH a strict diet and all you EVER eat in the morning is pop-tarts or Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal… and you can’t have those anymore…. what do you eat?

A. My breakfast is now an egg, a piece of ham or sausage, 1 slice of wheat bread with peanut butter. On a day I feel like being a risk taker… I’ll eat a nectarine too! WHOOO WEE!!! Living on the edge of indulgence! And here is a photo of me standing in my MOST FAVORITE AISLE OF THE GROCERY STORE…. just food lusting….


Q: Well Tonie, you are on the GO- A LOT- with weddings, so since you need a protein rich diet… how about all those yummy protein bars that are out there?!

A: I thought so too! I love me a peppermint chocolate Luna bar for sure! But alas, all of those I have come to learn are SUPER high in carbs as well as protein :/ so while I could have a bar… it would be my ENTIRE LUNCH worth of carbs and lets be real…. I’m pregnant and need a lot more food than that! So someone told me about Kind Bars… which I guess were supposed to be lower in carb count but seriously, just the LOOK of them threw me off with all the seeds and nuts and stuff… I eventually tried one, only to find that YUP! They are gross too….

NOT TO MENTION its summer folks… and all the fun goodies I would usually eat at all my weddings like their cakes, ice cream tucks and smores’ bar set ups are killing me! I.JUST.WANT.SWEETS.


So alas, I have to only take in a small amount of fruit, (No bananas at all, apples are pretty much out as well…) limit my carb intake fully, give up my beloved white chocolate peppermint mochas at Starbucks and literally make “what am I eating for my next meal” my EVERY waking thought…. all for this sweet little girl inside me that I am yet to meet. BUT, as the true social media user that I am… I immediately jumped on Facebook and joined the “Gestational Diabetes” support group where we all complain together for weeks about our diets, offer up “new” recipes and share our stories of when we threw our hands up in the air and ate that chocolate bar only to get a TERRIBLE blood sugar reading and are acting surprised and disappointed πŸ˜‰ BUT the best part about this group is all the women post photos of their babies when they are born and their success stories of why the GD diet was SO worth every finger prick and egg they ingested…. So, Baby Girl Sexauer…. your momma loves you enough to try her hardest to forgo all my “natural” cravings for these final weeks until you arrive, and make the most of being on this diet just for you!

Do you have any “Carb Smart” recopies you can share with me?! Since I HATE to cook, anything less than 20 min is ideal! πŸ˜‰



  1. Katie Schoepflin says:

    Hugs mama! My hubby is Type I Diabetic but wasn’t diagnosed until he was 23! Serious adjustment! We do a TON of mexican food, great veg and protein in the black beans we normally make in bulk for easy access during the week. Plus the healthy fats from avocado is great to help the sugars “drag out” rather than spike. We also love Siggis Icelandic yogurt (plain) since it has a great carb to protein ratio and do that with fruit for breakfasts… great for a sweet treat too. Throw a few dark chocolate shavings and it is a nice reward. I’m vegetarian so the protein is sometimes challenging when cooking for a family, but we love stirfry with veggies, tofu (8 grams of protein to 2 grams of carb = WIN) and a little quinoa or brown rice.

    You can do this! Thankfully its temporary and you and baby will be healthy. If you ever have any questions message me! Sending you good vibes!

  2. Megan Anstine says:


    These are my main staples, but low-carb recipes are everywhere out there! Good luck!

  3. Cassidy Larkin says:

    Crystal light peach tea drink packets are my life savior for something sweet throughout this diet!

  4. Breezy Schafer says:

    I am on the GD facebook group and it has been a life send for me. You seriously could have written this about my life! Only 7 weeks left. I am sure it will all be worth it (i grumble as i look at the donuts my hubby left on the counter)

  5. Jenny Pawlak says:

    Oh man! The pregnancy diet is already difficult… No lunch meat, cured meat, limit your tuna, alcohol, sushi, soft cheeses!!! I could barely deal with all those limitations. I’m sorry you can’t eat sweets! I have become a huge sweets eater bc of pregnancy and breastfeeding (I swear it makes you crave chocolate chip cookies). One positive is your less likely to get really fat. πŸ˜‰

  6. Esther Rockwell says:

    Tonie you can do it and it’s so worth it when your baby girl arrives. I had GD when I was pregnant with JoAnne. No coke or chocolate :(:(:( (my two downfalls) until after she came.

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