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Hasty Visits Hawaii // The Not So Mommy Blogs // Tonie Christine Photography

Feb 11, 2016

Hey friends!

So lots of my friends ask where I purchase lots of Hasty’s little outfits! I of course hit up lots of sale racks at Zara and Baby Gap, but I must admit, my favorite is to find “little” shops that hand make items that are unique! So on my Instagram, I eluded to some pretty fun little fashions that I was SO excited to have our sweet Hastings Rae don while we are here in Hawaii for “Maternity/Paternity” leave! Well, I am SOOO in love with these two products and not just because they are adorable…… I really must admit that I love love love supporting small businesses and seeking out ones that have awesome passion, a heart for their business AND produce great quality! There is seriously nothing worse than being new mom, falling in love with so many adorable Instagram accounts with what appear to be cute baby clothing, and finally decide to “splurge” and buy that $35 little outfit you have loved for so long… only to have it shipped to you and it be HORRIBLE quality! YUCK. Well, I am SO happy to have found these two gals who make wonderful products.

Little Sun Hat is actually local to WA state (in Wenatchee) and has adorable products for year round wear! From snow hats with plaid and fur pom-poms, to her brand new spring line that just launched, your little one is protected from the elements in an adorable way! See her on Instagram HERE.

Ruby Owl Baby Wear (Hasty’s little Romper in the below photos)  is actually based in Australia and ships world wide! When Hasty’s rompers arrived in the mail I was literally blown away that this amazing gal actually hand makes each one and provides and INCREDIBLE service! She has so many adorable styles, colors and patterns that I am thinking Hasty will be wearing these until middle school! 😉 See them on Instagram HERE

So I just HAD to capture Hasty on her very first time ever at the beach in this adorable outfit!


Hasty Visits Hawaii // The Not So Mommy Blogs  // Tonie Christine Photography



  1. Allison ,Leard says:

    Beautiful photos. And thank you for the lovely write up much appreciated. So happy you love the outfits 🙂

  2. wendy Duchemin says:

    Such great pictures and LOVE the little outfit and bonnet!

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