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A New Best Friend…. // Lily Jade Bag Review // Woodinville Wedding Photographer Tonie Christine

Mar 24, 2016

Well, it’s true… I have a new best friend in my life and yup… it happens to be a BAG – not just any ol’ bag and not just a diaper bag people, this is PERFECT for photographers, lap tops, mom’s on the go and just an all around GORGEOUS purse! I had been eying these bags for MONTHS (mainly because my sister had turned me onto them on Instagram). When it finally arrived in my mail box it might as well have been Christmas morning! The smell of the gorgeous leather and how perfectly crafted this bag was just made my heart SING.

I’m so excited to show you the in’s and out’s of this bag because it’s just THAT worth it. Worth a whole blog post of its own (and of course I threw in some shameless photos of my sweet Hastings Rae)… if you aren’t in love with these bags from Lily Jade by the end of this post then just come on over to my house and I will wow you with it’s presence!

When I buy a purse or bag, I always make sure it has the long strap that you can add and take away for cross body and over the shoulder options… Lily Jade: CHECK!


The back pack option was something I didn’t actually think I would use… UNTIL I PUT IT ON and suddenly WHAM!!! The reason these are made to turn into back packs became clear! TWO FREE HANDS for my camera or my baby! Versatility? Lily Jade: CHECK!



Over the shoulder might be my favorite option because …. you know when you try a purse on and your elbow is bent and it can’t make it though the loop!??! (Tell me I am not alone in this) Well, big enough loop holes to just swing it on? Lily Jade: CHECK!



Those front two pockets (with zippers might I add) are my husbands FAVORITE… constantly digging in your “marry poppins” bag searching for your phone and keys? Pockets to easily and conveniently access my phone and keys WHILE still secured with a zipper? Lily Jade CHECK!!!!



I put the bag down on the bed and just had to shoot her… cause, ya know they are both just adorable 😉




This is real life, in action people! I


Now for the inside… possibly the BEST part is the inside! (other than the outside of course 😉 )



See here, on the left? It’s got easy to snap buttons so that you can actually REMOVE the insert (which is both great for cameras, cords and baby items too) so it can be washed, loaded up or just simply not used! Practical? Lily Jade: CHECK!


I love that these bags have SHAPE.. see how this bag still has a nice shape even without the insert? As it gets worn in, the leather gets softer but thanks to the shape of the bottom of the bag it will always be easy to look into! Another CHECK for Lily Jade!


Here is the inside, and it comes with a changing pad too… and who am I kidding I have totally used that when out on a shoot/hike and need a place to set my camera or clients stuff that won’t get wet or dirty!! Double win!


That ADORABLE diaper clutch and pacifier clips you see are from the AWESOME Pearl & Co. and when I found her stuff on Instagram I did a little happy dance and went right on over to her shop to find all the monochrome goodness I could!

I could so easily fit WAAAAY more in this bag than you see pictured here… and with all the dirty clothes, the thousand bibs I carry around and the fact that usually TWO cameras are with me… I just decided NOT to bog down the photos with all that jazz.. So, space for EVERYTHING and then extra room? Lily Jade: CHECK!!!!



I got the bag that’s named “the Shaylee” but they have adorable new ones too and the best part is they are currently having a SALE! Go check them out right HERE! 


A New Best Friend…. // Lily Jade Bag Review // Woodinville Wedding Photographer Tonie Christine



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