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“Baking” Instead of “Contouring” // Face by Delia – Baking Make Up Tutorial // Seattle Wedding Photographer Tonie Christine

Mar 15, 2016

SO here you have it! The very first installment of my new make up tutorials featuring some of the best make up artists in the Pacific North West. Each post will teach you something from professional themselves, as I am admittedly HORRIBLE at make up!

Disclaimer: Poor Delia! (today’s make up artist and you can find her on IG  Here) Both of our schedules were JAM PACKED before I left for Hawaii for 5 weeks so the only time we could get together was at 9pm! So therefore, these photos were taken inside with a “daylight lightbulb!” (If you have not heard of these, they are seriously AWESOME for my office where it’s somewhat dark and I use them to make me feel like I have more natural light than I do in my office! So pardon the darker images…. but the technique is still here!

Delia has provided some GREAT tips and tricks on how to “bake” instead of the ever-so-popular “contouring” that people try to make look easy but in all reality just looks CRAY CRAY for newbies like myself !! But I have to admit that she was also good at giving the best bleaching advice! Her advice was very helpful to me! (insert laughing-so-hard-there-are-tears-smiling emoticon here.. 😉

So here is Delia to provide you some help on how to bake your make up and the products she loves to achieve a gorgeous look! (At the bottom you will see my review of a few of the products we tried out!)

1.) NO MAKE UP! YIKES! – Tonie

From Delia:  Hello everyone! I always love applying make up so working with Tonie was a thrill! We set time aside and headed to Sephora to pick out some products. She wanted a natural everyday look so I helped her pick out neutral colors and a light foundation. Before make up, I apply Astara moisturizer and Astara “blue flame” to prep Tonie’s face. Tonie tested the foundation she purchased before our lesson but noticed that she wasn’t getting as much coverage as she wanted so I suggested a thicker, full coverage foundation. I applied “the perfect face” foundation in “p2” to the left side of her face (right side of the photo.) You can see that the coverage is amazing in just one application!! “The perfect face” foundation is super thick and when photographed makes your skin appear matte. That’s why I use this on brides and pageant girls. Since the coverage is so good, I use their foundation as a concealer for an everyday look, and then use the y5 foundation for the rest of the face.



Step two: From Delia –

Yay! The fun part! Before I begin, let’s chat about something serious. There’s an awful fad going around. It’s ruining the lives of many! Okay maybe I’m being a bit dramatic but I know we will one day look back on our photos and say “oh dear, why did I ever do this to my face?!” I think it began with a photo somewhere deep in the archives of Pinterest, and then vloggers everywhere started doing it. It’s the awful trend called CONTOURING! Contouring is where beautiful women apply dark lines and puddles of heavy dark cream make up and then highlight with a light color that is whiter than snow. Here’s the best tip you’ll get from this post. Stop trying to contour! It’s too much work and if you’re applying your make up on correctly, it’s already adding definition to your face. Super thick, straight eyebrows and overly contoured looks are making women look too masculine.

So with that, let’s bake instead! Take a white powder and gently apply it to your under eye area. With Tonie’s face shape, I brought it all the way to her temples but you only need to do a reverse triangle underneath your eye. Let the powder sit while you apply your eyeshadow. Then brush it off or use a “beauty blender” to dap it into your skin.



Step 3: One of my fav steps and Delia is on the left showing where to put the AWESOME Mac Bronzer she introduced me to!

Final Result From Delia: Tonie is a natural beauty so I wanted to accentuate her brown eyes and flawless skin! This look is a timeless, natural, everyday look that can be turned into a “night” look with a pop of color on the lips.




Product Reviews:

SO, Delia actually met me at Sephora to spend a gift card I had on some new products! Low and behold I tried out these ones pictures and ended up returning a couple of them for reasons listed below!

  1. Laura Mercier Light Coverage Foundation/Moustiurizer — Tonie Rated 3 our of 10 stars. — Heres the thing with this one, it went on SO well, felt AMAZING (thats the three stars) but in reality it simply did not offer the actual coverage I wanted for my redness around my nose and the darker areas under my eyes… so I went and exchanged it for Delias next recommendation which was the NARS version of foundation/moistureizer and I give it a 9 out of 10! I REALLY REALLY love how it feels, looks and the amount of coverage it offers. I’ll blog more later on foundations I have used!
  2. Sephora Lip Stain — Tonie Rated 8 out of 10 — I actually retuned this too! Only because I have realized that I don’t care for how a lip stain FEELS on my lips… I have VERY VERY dry lips and because of this, I felt like I couldn’t use chapstick before the stain.. but oh man does it stay on really well and look really pretty! If you have decent lips its a great inexpensive option for a lip stain!
  3. Kat Von D Contour Kit — Tonie Rated 6 out of 10 — I returned this too mainly because I DO NOT see myself using it more than maybe once a month for a special occasion or photoshoot or something… realistically, while I love the idea of contouring… it was a bit beyond me right now and not something I would most likely do everyday. Also, kits like this tend to be geared toward the masses, so while I might use 1-2 colors out of the kit, then the rest go untouched… so to me I would rather buy separate powders than a kit… BUT alas, everyone RAVES about this palate, if they love contouring so if you are into that, go and grab it! It was a great overall product.
  4. All the mac stuff!!! — Tonie Rated 9.5 out of 10 — Ok so I may be biased but I have ALWAYS loved Mac products and these did not disappoint. My two favorite items were the bronzer Delia Introduced me to as well as the blush she chose for me! I LOVE the color they provide my face and how many different ways I can use them! (They are also on her blog so for the link go check here.) I will blog more later about the eye shadows.


Delia introduced me to one of her favorite lines called “The Perfect Face” (Linked here on her blog) . I am yet to actually start to use it by myself as when I came home from Hawaii I was too tan for the color I had purchased haha! BUT I loved the feel and look of it after she used it on me. I’m hoping it will eventually become my daily routine as it feels great on my face, but until I get my “PNW pale” skin back… I’ll stick with my usual Mac Studio Tech foundation.



Delia also showed me this AWESOME line of skin care that really got my face ready for the make up and felt amazing after it was off. I don’t actually have a face washing routine as I tend to have pretty clear skin for the most part and in the past using products has actually caused me to breakout! But this one sure didn’t! If you are interested in a skin care line, you can check out the one Delia recommends HERE on her blog.


Hope you will tune in for more tutorials and help! To bookmark this page use the image below on Pinterest! Yippee!!!


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“Baking” Instead of “Contouring” // Faces by Delia – Baking Make Up Tutorial // Seattle Wedding Photographer Tonie Christine



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