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Impromptu: My Day Looked Like This… //The Not-So-Mommy Blogs // Seattle Photographer Tonie Christine

Mar 17, 2016

Disclaimer: I had never intended to actually post this but laying in bed last night thinking about reality vs our online lift I totally thought I needed to share it!

Well, yesterday was a DOOZY friends…. Do you have those days where you you feel like you are just on top the world accomplishing everything and that you are super mom/woman/friend/wife/sister/entrepreneur/worker ?! Pictured here is one of those days as super mom:NotSoMommyBlogs.FailedDay_0102NotSoMommyBlogs.FailedDay_0103NotSoMommyBlogs.FailedDay_0104


and while i know those days and IG about them often…yesterday was NOT one of those days…. and it looked a bit like this…

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

I attempted:

To watch a webinar to continue to educate myself on the changes Instagram is making to their algorithm…I decided to settle to listening to it, only to realize 35 minutes of it had passed and I had not caught a word..

Take styled product photos of my gorgeous new wedding albums that I am offering my clients

Edit just one engagement session

Do the dishes, two loads of laundry, eat lunch, wash bottles, email 100 clients and other people back……

and did you notice my statements started with “I attempted”…..because I didnt finish any of it and when my sweet husband arrived home and I was sitting in my car with Hastings in the back seat, I tried to prep him with the above photos saying that the house was in disarray and these bags from Target are just more stuff I needed and that I really really just had to get out of the house since my crying demon baby  sweet happy girl decided I shouldn’t be trying to accomplish anything… He smiled at me… opened the back door of my car and proceeded to carry in my TJ Max and Target bags for me… Bless. (the “Bless” is a Jen Hatmaker reference and if you haven’t heard of her… stop reading my blog and go look her up for some awesome comedy about her life and family because she is way better at this than me.)

SO folks, there you have it…. this mommy can’t currently teach her baby to roll over, swallow her solid foods more than spitting out her own saliva and lets her sit in her bouncer far to long because its the only place she’s happy! No judgement here…. please tell me you have days like this too?! Let me encourage you new mommies or you soon-to-be mommies, that last night she slept 10 hours straight, she work up filled with smiles, has eaten great today and we are going to visit Daddy for lunch…. YOU WILL BE OK – most importantly it’s ok to admit there are bad days too. -Tonie





  1. Corrin Scott says:

    I’ve had a few of these days lately. No matter how bad it seems, as soon as they smile at you, it’s all worth it. Hang in there Mama, you’re doing an amazing job!

  2. Kate Becker says:

    I must admit, I’m pretty impressed with Hasty’s flexibility in the last photo. Just chilling in center split, ‘reading’ a book. With that flexibility and her balancing skills, she is bound to be a cheerleader 😉

  3. Tawny says:

    This is too great Tonie! Love your transparency.

  4. Angie says:

    I HEAR you! Definitely had my fair share of these, that is for sure! You are an amazing, honest, mama. I applaud you! xo

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