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I Was Made to Create // A Review of the PNW Workshop Made to Create by Tonie Christine Photography

Mar 21, 2016

If you are looking to grow your business, be challenged, encouraged and learn tangible shooting tips, business concepts and ideas, then Made to Create is a MUST for your business next year.

Well, this last weekend I had the incredible opportunity to speak at one of the most awesome photography workshops that the Pacific Northwest has to offer! Attendees came from as far as Florida to learn for all of the amazing speakers and I was honored to be a part of it. One of my favorite parts about this workshop is that other than when someone is actually speaking at one of the “business intensives” or as a “keynote speaker” … you honestly have no idea who is a “speaker”, a “host” or an “attendee”… and that’s exactly what the ladies behind this workshop have done on purpose in order to provide a community feel and one that allows everyone access to learn and grow!

Alongside Candice Hackett of Ivy & Tweed Photography who spoke about her branding, packaging and client experience, I spoke about my workflow, utilizing social media, blogging and how they have shaped and changed my business. We did a “press conference style” where we let the group know that we wanted to specifically answer THEIR questions so that they got everything out of the session that they had hoped to. We sat around late night campfires, roasted gluten free “s’mores” … yes it’s a thing… and got AWESOME hand crafted gifts such as a leather camera strap as you walked through the door for a welcome gift. I could not have been more blown away and in awe of connections that were made this weekend as well as all the new ideas and tips and tricks learned, if it was not for the groundwork that the Made to Create PNW team created.

Here’s a SMALL and quick glimpse of my time at #MadeToCreatePNW2016 (check out all the rad stuff on their IG!)







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