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Apr 15, 2016


The day I found out I was pregnant was a doozy… you can read that story here…. and I was scared. Terrified actually…. because you see, my pregnancy was indeed a surprise to my husband and I… I was terrified of pregnancy itself, all the unknown and REALLY scared of giving birth. To be honest, I hadn’t though much about being a “mom”. When my water broke and I went into labor (that story is here) anxiety overwhelmed me and I was scared of EVERY.NEXT.STEP in the process…. what never really donned on me was that at the end off all this “beautiful mess” came a baby… a real life baby… like, MY BABY. I got to set the tone, make the “rules” and raise her how E and I wanted! We could either make our own baby food or buy it in jars, I could breast feed or formula feed, I could vaccinate her or not vaccinate her. I could co-sleep or let her sleep independently…. and I didn’t have to be judged or guilt ridden if I didn’t want to be. This was SO FREEING!


I sit daily and think a couple of things: 1.) Gosh I love not being pregnant! (haha this is said in a silly tone… I don’t take for granted that I CAN get pregnant because some of my best friends struggle with this very thing) but I had a fairly “tough” pregnancy and for me, it was HARD to enjoy. and 2.) I think to myself “Oh my goodness you are too good to be my baby”. For real, how did I get this lucky?!

One thing is for sure, we are not just LUCKY… we are blessed and I truly understand the magnitude of the honor it is to raise this little one. So, now that Mothers Day is approaching, I want to honor ALL kids of stories of motherhood…. whether it was a surprise to you (as it was to me) or whether you tried and tried and then ultimately took a different route to your parenting story through adoption, IVF, fostering, taking on your grandkids or family members as your own kids or embryo adoption, so I have joined with Lily Jade to find women who want to share THEIR story in their own terms! No judgement, no certain course or how it came to be and no rules! Just the love you have for your role as a parent! So, if you are willing, we would LOVE to hear your story and you will even be entered to win a GORGEOUS Lily Jade Baby Bag!!!!
The Lily Jade #storyofmotherhood Giveaway!



  1. Callie says:

    Gosh, Tonie, those photos of Hastings standing on your hand terrify me! How does she have such good balance?

  2. Jess says:

    Love this!!

  3. Sara E Talbot says:

    Well, I don’t have any stories of motherhood, yet (except for with the dog), ha! But I have been very blessed with this pregnancy- in that it has been fairly mild, as they go, and I LOVE feeling Baby T kick & wiggle- I think I will really miss that. I can’t wait to meet him soon! & I would LOVE that super cute diaper bag! So would my Hubby, as he has complained most of them are “too girly”. 😉

you said:

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