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The BEST Shoes to Shoot a Wedding In! // Woodinville Wedding Photographer Tonie Christine //

Jun 30, 2016


Friends, SO often I see posts asking for ideas on what shoes are the best to shoot a wedding (or any long day really) wearing. Just this weekend I shot a TRIPLE HEADER (a Friday wedding, a Saturday one, and then a Sunday one) and all wearing this ONE brand of shoes. Realistically, it’s hard to find stylish, affordable and most important, comfortable shoes to shoot a wedding in! Well, I put many shoes to the test and I am excited to tell you what TRULY has worked THE BEST for me! A few that I have tried in the past are:

Tieks –  For the price point, they should have felt like walking  on clouds and they fell quite short of that. Also, after I bought a pair brand new and returned them as they hurt my feet just walking around my house, I got a pair used from a friend just to give them another try and after about 4 hours on my feet on a wedding day I was not pleased. But they get points for how stylish they are and that quite a few people do rave about them. Just not for me.

Dansko- If you love Dansko, well then you love them! But again, the price point was high and the style did NOT fit the outfits I usually shoot in. (Typically black dresses or something similar on a wedding day)

Clarks – Yes I got desperate and walked through the mall into EVERY comfort shoe store I could find in the two closest malls to me. I found ONE decent looking pair in the Clarks store, but having only ONE shoe to choose from did not impress me. (This was because I didn’t care for their style)

QUE the “Angels Singing on High” music as I walked into Aerosoles!!! I kid you not, I had not been in that store for about 15 years and the last time I HAD been in there was likely with my Grandmother.. but it was my last stop and I could NOT have been MORE thrilled! There were MULTIPLE styles I loved and when I finally selected a few to try on, I was SURE they would not be comfortable enough to shoot all day in. Well, THEY ARE!!!! For the last 3 wedding seasons, I have primarily worn Aerosoles! With every little brochure that arrives at my house I squeal a little as the new styles and looks come out! They are stylish, totally affordable, they go on sale, AND THEY ARE SOOO COMFORTABLE! Even the sandals have such a soft cush to them when I walk! I LOVE mine. Here’s a few of my most recent ones that I picked up for this wedding season!

  1. T-Strap Sandals in Gold with Studs: “Cholse Together” FIND THEM HERE.

A perfect flat sandal that goes with all the dresses I wear to weddings and more!



2. Yellow Suede Wedges  – Called “Bloom Plush” – FIND THEM HERE 

These are a heel and I can still wear them on a wedding shoot or I can dress up a casual outfit with a pop of color.



3. Black Studded Flat Strapy Sandal – “Cholsing Time” FIND THEM HERE.


4.  Neutral Suede small heel – Called “Ginastics” – FIND THEM HERE 


Here’s a couple more that are the next on my purchase list! I LOVE their new styles!

  1. PROPRIETOR – SO cute and I can see myself rocking these ALL The time! Find them HERE
  2. YETAPHOR – Because we all know of my love for all things black and gold. Find them HERE.

I hope this post helps you find something you LOVE as much as I do, and that will hep you get through a wedding day or other shoot! XOXO – Tonie



  1. Penny says:

    Could you tell me what dress you are wearing with the Chlosing Time Sandals? It is adorable!

  2. Bianca says:

    Seriously, sandals?

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