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People Don’t Share #realrawmoments – So I Will // Why I Try to Share the REAL Stuff // PNW Photographer Tonie Christine

Jul 31, 2017

Hey friends! I am glad you have stopped by! Recently I started the #RealRawMoments hashtag on Instagram, and it’s been a great outlet me for me to share moments that so often (and by my own hand) go unnoticed and unshared! As a photographer, my feed os INUNDATED with gorgeous landscapes, warm skin tones, hair flying in the dessert wind and perfectly posh/trendy people…. but what is being overlooked in this industry that is SLAMMED with talented photographers, are the moments that matter…. I don’t care if you are a photographer, a mom who paid to have photos of your newborn done or a bride who got married 10 years ago.. YOU have #realrawmoments to share. The good, the bad and the emotional. I want to see them.

You see, it’s easy to post the perfectly posed shots. Its not really the first thing we do as a wedding photographer to look through images to find that one where the bride cried when her groom gave a speech directly to her… or where the mom of the groom was balling while she danced with him in the pitch black night during their beach reception. BUT I am here to challenge you. Our culture is DYING to see more of these. They CRAVE to be drawn into an image not just because it’s pretty, but rather because it MOVES them to FEEL something. I can attest to this because the 4-5 times I have shared them on my own Instagram… the return and reaction have been double and TRIPLE what my other posts are! Try it for yourself. Consider yourself challenged by me and tag me so I can see them when you share them! (@toniechristine). I want to see this movement SHAKE the social media world. I want to see those mommas who were just handed their baby after giving birth, the groom who bawled when he saw JUST how stunning his bride looked, or the photo of mom and daughter embracing right after she put her gown on. Let’s get over the fact that it might have been in bad lighting, it might have been a bad crop or we did everything we could to “salvage” the photo in post because our settings weren’t perfect. Let’s SHARE the memories that our clients deserve to have!! Here’s a few of my personal favorites from the last few months!






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