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Mom of Two for Three Months // The Not So Mommy Blogs // A Review of Doc-A-Tot

Jul 31, 2018

Hey guys! It’s been a minute since I have given you an update on life as a mom of TWO!!! I can hardly believe that Knighton Harper has been here for three whole months. Im thankful as things like sleep are coming a bit easier now and we seem to be fully past the colic and reflux stages! YAY!

Knighton is for SURE a mamas boy currently. He smiles on command mainly for me… (and a few other high pitched voices hahah!) and my love for him has grown SO DEEP over the last few weeks. I would be lying if I said it came the second he was born. Of course I LOVED him right then and there, but man, he has really wrapped me around his little finger in the last month.

I have loved using my Doc-A-Tot the last few weeks specifically because he is NOT a fan of being on his back… AT ALL. He is a full-time tummy sleeper and so I have found that he enjoys play time  A LOT more with the Doc-A-Tot as well as using it for awake tummy time! He is one strong kiddo and he weighs in around 14lbs I think…. almost DOUBLE what his sister was at this age ha!

He made his first airplane ride when he was only 4 weeks old for THIS wedding in Colorado and traveled like a champ. He adores watching his sister flutter around him and she is constantly petting his head and saying “Oh Knighton Harper I just loe you..” (love) and of course this just MELTS my mommy heart.

He is sleeping about 6 hours CONSISTENTLY and this week he has pulled a few nights where he has gone a full 9 hours which was like HEAVEN for both mommy and daddy. We personally do a eat,wake,sleep schedule similar to  “Babywise” and it allows me a decent amount of nap time during the day to keep Hasty entertained and to even get a bit of work in! This means that he sleeps, then wakes up and eats right away then has play time or “awake time” and then goes down for a nap without any massive ritual or lengthy rocking or anything like that. I simply lay him in his crib and within 1-3 minutes he is passed out. He is also a stinking THUMB sucker!!! We have tried and tried to get him to like a pacifier instead… but to no avail. But, he is pretty darn cute fiddling with his had until he gets his thumb finally to the place in his mouth he wants.

Anyway, life with two is a WHOLE NEW BALL GAME!!!! LIKE.WHOA. It hasn’t been an easy transition on me specifically just with how much stuff I need to leave the house with now, attpeming to keep a schedule, and of course with balancing my work load and our family life….but we indeed are making it work and figuring out our “new normal” as we go! I am so freaking blessed (and in love) by my husband who not only works long hard hours, but who supports me as a business owner! I’ll be blogging a bit more about the early months, post partum recovery and the good ol’ belly post delivery so stay tuned for that!




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