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A #REALRAWREVIEW of Hustle + Flow Workshop // Seattle Photographer Tonie Christine // Hustle and Flow Workshop Review

Feb 6, 2019

OK so my title ” A #realrawreview ” is a pun for Brittani herself who is not a fan of coining things as “real” or “raw” or “capturing the moment” so don’t let that get lost on you 😉 Also, before you read this… just know… they WILL attempt to accommodate dietary needs… but just eat the salad friends don’t complain and just… eat the salad.. 😉 (PS another inside joke from our workshop day!)


Heres my thoughts, being real and honest here so that you know this review maybe isn’t one they would post on their site and thats ok.

I give Hustle and Flow workshop a 7/10. Which surprisingly is a great rating from me! Haha! Its advertised as being a “business workshop” but I felt like it was more specific to: ideas behind marketing (not really new avenues of marketing), knowing yourself and how THAT and your reputation are your brand, and a “tough love, stop making excuses you just gotta HUSTLE” pep talk. The fact is,  these two are indeed very talented at things like looking up their Google analytics and interpreting them (using them to their benefit which is SO often overlooked or not even thought about in our industry),  Instagram stalking people and some fun ways to look up people or even weddings in general that are happening in your area. Sadly, we didn’t get to that MEAT (and the part that many of us were MOST excited about) until the last 25 min of the workshop. (Kept being told, “we will get to that stuff later…we will blow your mind later with that stuff … etc” and it did blow our minds, I just wished there was more on that stuff.)

The price point is steep (to me $1500 is a lot 😉 ) to spend the first half of the workshop JUST covering the fact that you have to ACTUALLY HUSTLE to be a good business owner and make the kind of money you want to. I am naturally a hustler… so I didn’t feel like I needed that much time spent on it…. Folks, there ARE changes you will learn to make for your business at this workshop! Its PERFECT for you if you indeed are getting “ghosted” by a lot of people who inquire with you, do not really have any idea of what “marketing” really is, and if you need to learn to TALK to clients differently. I think that a more beneficial price point for this education will be their online monthly subscription thing they are launching soon (I will link it when they launch it and it sounds rad!)….. I could have gotten a lot more for my money that way, (around 3 YEARS of monthly info for the price of one workshop… but maybe the fact that it would have taken 3 years to get it all would make the 1 day thing more worth it???? I do think it was nice to just get it done in one day. So to each their own….. you decide on that one.

The guest speakers that were at our workshop were BOMB. Sam on sales, Troy a celebrity wedding planner and Bernadette from theKnot.com…all KILLER on their hour long talks. Find out who the guest speakers will be at your workshop and research them!

Overall, J+B totally know their stuff and will PUSH you to think for yourself as a business owner. Beware….IF you dare pipe up and ask a question, be ready to be hounded and asked “well what do YOU think the answer is” (Brittani says it’s how she responds to people 90% of the time when they post a question or ask her one) …. So be prepared to THINK.

This is not a business workshop about workflow, working faster or “smarter not harder”. They won’t give you great programs to speed up your processes or help streamline your taxes etc and they won’t REALLY give you new ways to market yourself.  They will tell you to “Be extra, buck up, put in the work, answer emails in 10 min and follow through with your word.— ‘If you are getting ghosted or aren’t getting inquiries… well f*** that’s on you. It’s your fault’ – Brittany Hon (Which I loved!)” ….. SO.. bottom line, if you don’t know how to HUSTLE and you speak to clients generically on your website like “capture moments” or “I am a lover of natural light photos” then sure, pay these two $1500 and maybe THAT and J+B  will kick your butt into gear! I am an open book and posted this honest review because I felt like I was only reading 10/10 reviews (which is great! but just wasn’t my experience) So, feel free to reach out and ask questions! Also, find people who are SIMILAR to you and have attended and ask THEIR opinion too! Learning from these two “no bs, straight to the point and IDGAF attitude people” I learned that I indeed needed to be ok with putting out this review and embracing it all! I hope this review helps anyone looking to clarify what this workshop is.








  1. This was so helpful THANK YOU for taking the time to lay it all out there!!

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