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The 5 Best Wedding Dress Shops and Bridal Boutiques in Seattle // Seattle and PNW Photographer Tonie Christine

Aug 13, 2019

OK ladies, I get asked allllllll.the.time for my recommendations on  the best best bridal boutique in Seattle that ladies should visit while hoping to say “yes to the dress!”   I have photographed SO many gowns over the years (and yes if you still are looking for your DREAM PHOTOGRAPHER then I’d love to chat about how myself and my team can bring your dreams to life! Shoot me an email!) ….So here are my recommendations for the top 5 bridal boutiques and wedding dress shops in Seattle.  They are in no particular order!


  1. A and Babe Bridal Shop in Ballard: Ok ok ok this one HAS to be first because it quite literally is THE BEST PLACE to buy a wedding dress in all of Seattle and Washington State. Not only are the sales people full of knowledge, but you will be looking at truly beautiful, unique and truly stunning gowns. So, pick a dress here and then book your date with me ASAP so that I can shoot stunning images of you in it!!!!

BestWeddingDressStoresinSeattleBestweddingdressboutiquesSeattleTonieChristinePhotography BestWeddingDressStoresinSeattleBestweddingdressboutiquesSeattleTonieChristinePhotography

2. BHLDN inside Anthropologie in Down Town Seattle: With their wide range of price points I FOR SURE wish these guys were around when I got married. Some really subtle silhouettes and other very lavish and unique designs featuring beading etc can be found here and VERY OFTEN they will have your dress size in stock right at the store which is so awesome.

BestWeddingDressStoresinSeattleBestweddingdressboutiquesSeattleTonieChristinePhotography BestWeddingDressStoresinSeattleBestweddingdressboutiquesSeattleTonieChristinePhotography

3. The Dress Theory in Seattle: This gorgeous little hidden gem might be harder to get an appointment at, and is known for very unique gowns that are otherwise harder to see in person before ordering. They often have trunk shows of top designers and so be sure to get on their calendar EARLY if you plan to stop by there!


4. LovelyBride in Seattle: I recently JUST shot a bride that found her gown here and I was so surprised I had not yet heard of them! They have a beautiful selection and although I have not been into the shop personally, I have seen from the dresses they carry that you couldn’t go wrong here!

BestWeddingDressStoresinSeattleBestweddingdressboutiquesSeattleTonieChristinePhotography BestWeddingDressStoresinSeattleBestweddingdressboutiquesSeattleTonieChristinePhotography

5. IDINA Bride in Seattle: Varying from  some seriously modern gowns with clean lines and structure (swoon!) to super romantic gowns with tons of detail, you are sure to find a style for you at IDINA! I just LOOOVE some of the more modern and unique gowns they have available.

I sincerely hope you are inspired by some of my past brides to find something that is TRULY and uniquely YOU in the form of a wedding gown and that you will reach out with ANY questions at all! I am always here to help and serve our clients and brides!






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