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My New Leather Bag That is a MUST for Any Woman. // Closet Shopping with Tonie Christine // A VESTIRSI Purse Review

Mar 2, 2020

My love of all things black and leather came to a beautiful explosion of heart eyes when I opened the box I ordered from VESTIRSI arrived at my house. The smell of the leather from Italy combined with the quality of craftsmanship AND the price point (for such an amazing quality bag) make these bags the TRIPLE threat! Trust me when I say the quality is unmatched for the price point ( I buy and own a LOT of leather bags folks). Not only this, but check this out: “Every VESTIRSI bag was designed with the goal of making the smart, modern woman look and feel her most polished.” If that isn’t the definition of what I have always wanted with a purse or “diaper bag” then I don’t know what is! I intentionally chose the largest bag that this woman owned business offers, because I carry a TON of junk with me at all times. From camera gear to baby gear, it all gets thrown in my bag, and the one I chose makes all my junk look SOOOOO good.  I can run from a consult with a client or a shoot, to date night with my husband or even just run errands at target with the kids and my bag can withstand all of it.

Also, I don’t often read the “about” page on websites, but when Moncia (the creator and Owner of VESTIRSI) started chatting me up about some of it, I KNEW I had to run and read it. (you can read it here) They have an amazing philanthropic side to their business surrounding women’s mental health that I LOVE. Giving 10% of their profits back is huge and admirable!


Straight from their site, I wanted to share this because I LOOOVE that her bags are all black, they are real genuine leather that will only get better with scuffs, marks and time and that when she couldnt find the perfect bag for her and what she wanted, she set out to create it!:

Frustrated by her inability to find a well made Italian leather bag for under $300, Australian publicist
Monica Tarca saw a gap in the market and set off to her grandparent’s native Italy to make this elusive
“affordable luxury leather” handbag herself.

“All I wanted was a chic Italian leather bag in a timeless silhouette at a reasonable price. I knew about
traditional retailer mark-ups, so I knew the world’s most beautiful bags didn’t actually need to cost the
world. Like many women, I wanted Italian luxury leather. Like many women, I needed it to be affordable.
I thought this bag had to be out there somewhere, but it just did not seem to exist. I suspected if I’m
having this problem, other women in Australia (and perhaps the world) must be too.” -Monica

So, all I can say is that these bags are worth every penny and I cannot wait to purchase my second bag from VESTIRSI! You can also use code “TONIE” to get $10 off your first bag purchase from them… but don’t blame me when it arrives and you fall in love and you want to build your closet shelves around your VESTIRSI Bag Collection! 😉 This post is not a paid post, it is an honest review of my purse because I love it THAT MUCH.




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