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Tonies Fav Thinngs Brides Night 2020 // Seattle and Leavenworth Wedding Photographer Tonie Christine

Mar 15, 2020

As most of you already know, as that is the reason you are here on this blog, I host an annual party for my brides! It’s called #ToniesFavThings Brides night and every year it is slightly different!

SOOOOO often I get asked WHY I do this party…. and my answer is rather simple and it has two parts. 1. my own personal love language is gift giving! If you don’t know what the 5 love languages are, I suggest you go find out what yours is right here. I tend to express and (usually) feel very loved in return, through gift giving (and words of affirmation!). The second part of the reason I do this party is to give my couples an experience that they won’t get with ANY other photographer. (even those who try to copy 😉 ) I want my clients to know just how much they mean to me, how honored I am that they chose one of my team members or myself to stand by them and document one of the biggest days of their lives. It’s a way for me to not only say THANK YOU back to them for making an investment in us, but also to connect with them and have a fun memory under our belt before their big day!

So, this year was a HUGE shock to me. Usually (in the past 4 years) I have had about a 50-60% RSVP rate. With out of town brides, work schedules, illness and the list goes one, usually only about 60% of brides can make it to the party. This year, we had a whopping 92% RSVP YES! I was SO SO thrilled but it FOR SURE changed things for me! I needed more chairs and more glasses and of COURSE I needed more gifts! So, here is a fun look into the party where my team and I shower our brides with yummy food, treats and of COURSE all of our favorite things!!!

The night started off with food and cookies I purchased from a PAST bride of mine who is now in the cookie making business! Be sure to check them out at Woodcraft Cookies. Next, the gals were all given a $50 gift Card from Infinity Lashes because I have gotten to know these ladies over the last year and can say that I LOVE MY LASHES! Special occasions, a trip or honeymoon and specially during wedding season when mascara otherwise flakes off an all over my face, I know I can trust Kyla and the other gals at Infinity to really give me the product and look I love.

Other gifts the ladies received are earrings from Borcik Jewelry, who has been a part of my even every year. The reason I love Arielle from Borcik Jewelry is that she has created a business that supports and sheds light on mental illness. They way Arielle makes this a part of her business is absolutely beautiful! I also love that it has both a luxury line AND an everyday line that is affordable too! I rock the little raw cut gemstone earnings we gave the brides this year all the time AND they make awesome bridesmaids gifts too!

Lastly, amongst lots of other gifts that are some of my FAVORITE things, this year, I decided to give each one of my brides a GlassyBaby Votive Candle holder. These are kind of a big deal around here in Seattle and on the West Coast. They are a beautiful collection of hand blown glass candle holders. I went into the store and picked out a different color and named one for EACH of my brides. I wanted this to not only be a reminder of this fun night, but also setting the tone for lighting a candle and letting that flame burn bright, even in the midst of hardship sometimes. Because THATS what marriages need. They need those little reminders sometimes, that even though things might get hard, there is still beauty in it all.

The last few items that they received were my FAVORITE candles of all time. The 3-wick candles from bath and body works, as well as these gorgeous wrap bracelets that I am obsessed with layering and throwing on to jazz up any outfit! Hope you enjoy seeing a little look into the party and that even if this event changes in years to come, or doesn’t happen at all, just know that you are going to get a unique and difference experience as a bride when you choose to hire #TheTCteam! 😉

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