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Still Going Strong – Quarantine Week 3 // The Not So Mommy Blogs by Seattle Wedding Photographer Tonie Christine

Apr 7, 2020

I have been taking daily photos to just document a moment or two each day of this “stay at home” order. If you missed the first post, you can go see it HERE. The point of this…?? Hmm, I’m not sure really, other than to just keep my camera in my hands, document a season of life that we hopefully won’t ever face again and so that we can look back on it and have, hopefully, some fond memories. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t personally been struggling with the stay at home order with two toddlers and no outside help from family, friends or nannies. BUT after a few days of feeling like “I got this, I can do this!” came a few harder days of “Oh my gosh I am a terrible mom, why did God think I could handle this… why CANT I seem to handle this… oh my gosh if I have to cook dinner again then my head will explode…why do I feel guilty for not loving this time at home?”…. and now I am back on the train of “Ok, buck up Tonie and pull up your big girl pants! Try to enjoy the good moments and let the bad moments pass by…” So, here is another week of quarantine in my house.

We read stories at night (Well all throughout the day really…) but at night we usually do it in their rooms but lately they have wanted to do it together on the couch.

Eric has been working from home for close to 4 weeks now and the poor guy is just crammed in our spare room on a Costco table with no suitable chair for sitting in 8-10 hours a day, BUT I will say he isn’t one to complain and we are super thankful that he has the opportunity to indeed continue to work from home. He comes down for lunches or occasionally if he hears something majorly going wrong 😉

A quick Mcdonalds run was needed last week when we were in a little slump. It’s helped SO much… for about 15 min.


The night that E said he would make dinner, he made a super simple spaghetti, and oh my gosh the kids DEVOURED it after 4 nights in a row of me trying to cook up something impressive and the kids not liking it which resulted in dinners that lasted an hour as he bribed every last bite…. at least they ate it finally.

Even though it was about 39 degrees outside, the greek yogurt popsicles were a hit and I was happy to “trick” them 😉

Two Cali Cows, and two Inkies (the octopus) all day everyday… oh and of course at night too. They go everywhere with us. The reason for two? Simply because we bought the second one as a back up for each child and both times the kid found them and then didn’t want anything less that BOTH.

The second week of potty training and a couple of times I have just thought we would throw in the towel… but then he tells me he needs to pee pee and so then I get that ray of hope that we are getting somewhere…. we shall see if it lasts!


Anyone else feel a little bit like these next two images? Just a total blue of kids running in circles? They do this EVERY.DAY. and it involves VERY loud screaming and chanting and daddy always obliges.

Had a few toooooo many timeouts to document. If nothing else, these two kiddos are learning to share, not hit and to really be eachothers best friend. I truly hope we come out of this with a strong bond and some good lessons learned.

Lots of outside playing and getting creative. Even though we have a slide in the back yard, they have loved being in the driveway with daddy while he works on projects and using his spare materials for creating anything their imagination allows them.

Very proud to not be wearing his sisters undies anymore, Knighton boy is pictured here with his reward for the potty trips… marshmallows in a measuring cup… and they spill.. constantly.

So much laundry. SO FREAKING MUCH.






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